Monday, November 18, 2013

QT Halo Headset - Four Flights

My first review for the QT Halo headset involved a flight to and from Reading, PA for dinner at Malibooz Bar & Grill. This weekend we had an unfortunate last minute flight to Bob's parents for a funeral. The flight there was smooth, bright and beautiful. Turbo slept in the back seat with Bob's sister. The sunshine and scenery from above had us snapping photos and almost forgetting the somber event that lay before us.

I've noticed that the only difficulty I have with the headset is when I first put it on, it's a bit too wide for my thin face therefore falls off my ears. But, shortly after it seems to find some balance and the top of my ear holds it in. Bob suggested maybe putting some foam around the ears to help it fit better. I'm not excited about that idea as I love the feel and don't want to add any weight, as light as that added weight would be. Due to the need for an extra seat, we took the Cessna 172 which is much quieter than the Glasair. Upon putting in the ear pieces, the 180 hp engine became a gentle hum. 

As the sun was bright, I wore my sunglasses and they clamped my head more than the Halo ever will. Even with the Halo on my ears, it did not feel uncomfortable having the sunglasses on. Goodbye days of trying to find a comfortable way of wearing my shades while flying! The tubes still stuck out quite a bit and I realized later it was because I took out the bendy thingies (yes that's the technical term) when putting on new foam tips. The foam tips do fit on the bendy thingies, but I did it in the dark during my last review and it is definitely something that you need to take some time on in decent lighting. I later fixed this so we are good to go where the tubes are a loop just behind my ear now and don't just out as far. Enjoy the selfie.

The flight home mimicked the feelings the weekend had left us with. Clouds were coming in so we opted to spend the night Saturday and wait for a gap in the weather on Sunday. That wait lasted until 2:30pm when the clouds finally started to rise. We departed out of grey and gloomy Doylstown and climbed to 2,500 feet, later we had to drop to 2,000 as conditions deteriorated halfway to Frederick. About 45 miles east of Frederick I was forced to 1,600 feet above ground due to the clouds and visibility was quickly deteriorating. I increased the throttle and made the decision to land at Carol County (DMW) just 15 miles ahead, dreading the 45 minute drive back to Frederick we would have ahead of us and kicking myself for constantly delaying my IPC. But, as many pilots say "always have an out!" I picked my out. Luckily, the clouds lifted and I was back to 2,000 feet as we overflew Carol County and landed at Frederick just 15 minutes later. That was close! 


  1. Nothing like sliding in between the weather! Glad to see the Halos worked on the longer trip. I really think that's where I'll appreciate them - anytime you've got something on your head for >2 hours. And especially if you're wearing sunglasses.

    Time to highlight them on the Christmas list...

  2. My little aviatrix stopped flying with me because she hates the over-the-ear variety headsets. She complained bitterly about them. I have purchased a Halo and have really liked it, so I let her fly with it. It will take some adjustment, but it gets a big thumbs up. Now she is back to asking when we can go flying again. Now, I just have to convince my son...


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