Saturday, November 16, 2013

$100 Hamburger - Malibooz Bar and Grill

On Thursday Bob and I decided to do a $100 hamburger which was the perfect time to test out my new QT Halo headset. You can check out my first review on it here. Since it was a work night (yes, I'm an old lady who has a bedtime!) we wanted something a tad closer, so I picked out Reading, PA (pronounced Red-ding) KRDG just 87NM. They have a museum on the airport that we'll have to go back and check out sometime as well as an annual WWII airshow. That night, we were on our way to the airport restaurant, Malibooz Bar & Grill, for dinner.

While I played around with and tested out my new headset, Bob flew us to RDG in the calm night air, the airplane loved the cold as it was climbing at 1,500 feet per minute and a good speed. It was cool, but I refused to turn on the heat just yet! We arrived after about a half hour flight and Bob called up tower to come in for landing, but they transferred him to approach. So we called approach, got a squak code and just moments later were transferred back to tower. We learned next that if you want to talk to tower first, just let them know "negative radar", otherwise they have to send you back to approach for radar contact.
Restaurant that-a-way!
We had quickly spotted the beacon to the airport (which is behind the tower, not on top of it), however, the runway lights only worked in one direction, making it hard to line up on the correct runway which caused Bob to slightly overshoot the turn to final. The controllers were really friendly and we were soon given taxi directions to Malibooz. A King Air landed before us, another aircraft soon after us and we passed a Citation loading up so there was a decent amount of activity on a Thursday evening.

There is ample aircraft parking in front of the restaurant and you are allowed to stay for three hours. We could see through the large windows filling the walls of Malibooz that it was a popular place as many people were seated inside. We used the side general aviation entrance and noted the code needed to get back out. The door takes you through the small airline terminal and the restaurant entrance is halfway down on your left.
Despite it being quite full, we were seated in a decent amount of time and not long after, eating our salads that came with our entrées. Upon checking in to Yelp I noticed Malibooz only received 1 1/2 stars, so I was worried we were about to have a bad experience. However, we didn't. Everything was just mediocre. Nothing to call home about. You may visit my more detailed Yelp review here. Despite being an average stop, it also proved to be a popular $100 hamburger as two other planes pulled in as we were back in the plane ready to leave.

The flight home was also smooth and I took the controls, satisfied with my new headset. Halfway, home we got to hear Air Force One over the radio. Later, there was a Cessna 150 practicing approaches when we came in and the pilot was generous enough to let us go ahead so he would not slow us down. We passed below the C150, I intercepted the ILS and came down for a smooth (but long) landing on runway 23. There was actually a noticeable temperature inversion, it was 48 degrees in the air and in the low 30s on the ground. This was also noticeable as we drove up the mountain to get home. It was warmer higher up that it was at the lower airport altitude as we put the airplane away.
Nighttime Garmin abstract "art"
Flying? Check! Food? Check! New headset? Check! Air Force One? Check! Good day? Check!


  1. My last visit to Reading was a few years ago. I did not form much of an opinion either way about Malibooz, but enjoyed the Mid Atlantic Air Museum well enough. They had some nice airworthy airplanes and a couple of unusual aircraft that made the visit worthwhile.

  2. Unfortunate name for a $100 hamburger destination, eh? Maybe the food's better if you take the name to heart - and drive in, of course!


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