Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Flying The Ford Tri Motor and Landing On Roads

Episode 58 is here for your listening pleasure and the usual group of aviation trainees were in the house; Len, Carl, Victoria, and Rick. Sean tried to dial in from the one of those iconic red phone booths while on vacation in England but we couldn’t keep the connection, so the show went on.
Today, Victoria shares her story of a recent flight in the Ford Tri Motor around Frederick, MD while accompanyied by Turbo the Flying Dog. We understand it was quite a thrilling experience and we talk about all things Tri Motor as a result including how you too can catch a ride in this historical flying machine. Following that, Len talks quickly about a recent forced landing on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago after an airplane made an emergency landing in the city.
Also check out the announcements and Picks of the Week for this episode. Now let’s get down and dirty!

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