Monday, October 21, 2013

$100 Hamburger - Kay's Country Kitchen

As we had dinner plans in DC, Bob and I decided on a shorter $100 hamburger hop Sunday because we could not pass up the beautiful weather we were having. On the way to Cambridge-Dorchester Airport (CGE) we enjoyed clear views showing off the cities of Baltimore and DC. Later, the water below us on the Chespapeake Bay sparkled like diamonds. We burned only 5 gallons on the flight through the SFRA and into CGE for a meal at Kay's Country Kitchen.

As you can read in my Yelp review, you can tell when a restaurant is popular by the wait. Especially an airport restaurant as they are usually pretty mellow. After about a fifteen minute wait we were seated and enjoyed a large and delicious meal and dessert. We watched airplanes come and go, and made fun of the pilots who insisted on showing off by bringing their kneeboards into the restaurant with them.

It was a quick flight, about a half hour each way. I was happy to get in the air again at least for a little bit. I flew the leg back to FDK, however, had to pass over the reigns to Bob to land. I had hurt my shoulder earlier in the weekend and just lifting my arm to reach the throttle was painful. Hopefully I'll heal quickly as we will be taking a Cessna for a short trip soon! Once again, we're always thinking about the next chance to defy gravity. 


  1. Toria, did you notice the hummingbird feeders on the outsides of the windows? Watching those little guys is one of the highlights of Kay's for me.


  2. Oh bummer! I did not! We were also in the middle since it was so busy. We'll have to be sure to be right by the windows next time! :)

  3. Love Kays! Great food and huge mason jars of sweet tea. They always a good crowd, especially on Sunday mornings after services.


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