Sunday, September 15, 2013

Stuck Mic AvCast - Episode 56 is out!

Welcome back! By our collective years of experience as aviators we truly hope these shows help you fly smarter and fly safer and today’s episode is no exception. 

Back in Episode 29 we talked about flying to Canada. After a recent experience taking the Glasair and Turbo the Flying Dog to Ottawa, co-host Victoria Zajko has some information to add the the Canadian discussion regarding broken airplanes, dealing with customs, and animal issues to name a few.

In Episode 53 we talked about aviation accidents and how we cope. Co-host Rick Felty had some thoughts to add to 53 after a recent general aviation crash fatally injured the occupants allegedly due in part because of failure to remove a flight control lock. 

Then to wrap things up, Len Costa Carl Valeri talk about the risks and responsibilities of being a pathfinder flight including some considerations you should take into account before accepting such a departure. All that and more, coming up now, on this edition of the Stuck Mic AvCast.

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