Friday, September 20, 2013

Flying in the "Tin Goose"

I've loved the Ford Trimotor since I first saw one displayed at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. That Trimotor was the first plane to fly over the South Pole and I loved how it shined and how its three radial motors stood out making themselves known. Built not far from where I grew up, 199 Ford Trimotors were manufactured there between 1925 and 1933 and immediately became a popular purchase for airlines flying from coast to coast.

The Kalamazoo Air Zoo's 1929 Ford Trimotor is making its rounds around the US and this weekend it is visiting FDK. I couldn't pass up the chance to go fly in a piece of history. So, I quickly visited to get tickets for Bob and I. Thursday afternoon I met Bob at the airport, who was working there all day and had Turbo with him. We thought maybe someone at check in could keep an eye on him while we flew, but they said he could fly! He even got his own ticket!

The day was perfect for flying, we took a few photos around the plane then hopped in to enjoy a 12 minute flight around Frederick. I was geeking out at being in something so old and so historic. I also had an avgeek moment when discovering that one of our pilots (this model of Trimotor requires two) was aerobatic performer Gene Soucy! Turbo nestled on my lap (we didn't bring his mutt muffs not knowing if he'd be able to come) and slept until it came time for landing. I was expecting it to be much louder than it was and loved that every seat was a window seat! 

Below are a few of my favorite photos-video to come soon!
To see a more complete set of photos, visit here.

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