Monday, August 19, 2013

A Weekend Getaway Flight to Cape May

Is summer really almost over? Not yet, I'm determined to not let the warm days end! Bob, Turbo and I took a trip to WWD to enjoy a weekend getaway in the Victorian beach town of Cape May, NJ. It took just 45 minutes direct from Frederick to reach Cape May County Airport flying through Baltimore Class B airspace along the way. Weather was great on the way over and as usual, Turbo nodded off the second he step foot in the plane.

There were many planes coming in to enjoy the cooler beach weather, there was a jet and maybe four other planes in the airport area as we were coming in. The frequency was even more busy since it covered surrounding airports. To make landing complicated, the wind was coming in from such a way that pilots were using both runways 01 and 10. Furthermore, some were calling out one runway, when they were actually lined up for another. So that kept us on our toes.

After landing, we parked by a lovely Glasair II and talked with the gentlemen that owned it for awhile. It turns out we parked by the museum and the FBO, Flight Level Aviation, was just across the ramp, so we had a bit of a walk ahead of us, but it turned out being a good thing as we didn't have to pay the $15 overnight fee. Everyone inside the FBO was very nice and there were a few corporate pilots in there ready to give Turbo a good petting. They also had a bowl of water waiting for dogs that would be coming in. We picked up our car from a fellow pilot, available only to pilots through Relay Rental, at Flight Level Aviation and were off for a new adventure.

Our first stop was lunch and we sat outside on the dog friendly patio of Zoe's on Beach Ave. The next day, Zoe's proved to be the prefect spot for breakfast as well.

Next, we were off to board the Cape May Whale Watcher. We had a Groupon, which was the deciding factor in going to Cape May in the first place. The Whale Watcher is very dog friendly, so Turbo boarded the boat and headed to the top level with us ready to look for some whales. Unfortunately, no whales were found and we just spotted a few dolphins. However, it still was fun to be on the water and they guarantee their boat rides for the viewing of ocean mammals. So, since we didn't not get to see many animals of the sea, we got our tickets stamped and we can come back again-anytime-for another whale watch boat ride for free!

Our hotel for the night was the Palace Hotel. I could take it or leave it. But, it was last minute, was off the ocean in walking distance from many places and dog friendly. The sun bearing down on us on the boat had really tuckered us out, so following a quick nap (including Turbo!) we were off to explore the cape and find dinner.

Dogs are not allowed along the boardwalk, which was OK, we enjoyed a beautiful stroll through streets lined with Victorian homes and nice restaurants. We enjoyed a good drink and dinner at Aleathea's restaurant, took Turbo to his new favorite store, Dog Days of Cape May, got some organic ice cream at Bliss and enjoyed some live music from a gazebo in the park.

The following morning we enjoyed time on the Lower Township beach with Turbo. It was an overcast day and drizzle came and went, but that made for a pretty quiet beach. It was on the inlet and fun to watch the big ferries come and go. Many people were running about with their dogs in the sand. Turbo had a blast. Which was great, because last time he wasn't so sure. My favorite moment of the beach day was when Bob was taking a nap on our big towel. Turbo came by and decided to start digging near Bob's head. Quickly, Bob found his beard and mouth full of sand that Turbo had flung back at him. I wish I had it on video! This was a very clean beach to bring your dog to, much better than the last one we visited in New Jersey. But, it may not stay dog friendly so be sure to always pick up after your pet and keep them leashed so the rules do not change!

After lunch on the patio of the Rusty Nail, we left for the airport. We returned the car, packed up our things and decided to check out the NAS Wildwood Air Museum, which also happens to be dog friendly! Check back tomorrow for my post about that.

Want to check out more pictures from our visit to Cape May? Check them out here.


  1. Fun getaway! Between you guys and Gary always talkin' up Cape May, I know we need to fly out there eventually.

    1. Get yer butt out here, Steve ;) We could meet up!

    2. Ditto to making it out to Stevenson :P

  2. Cape May is lovely, Victoria. I'm glad you had a good time. Turbo sure has gotten big. Do his Mutt Muffs still fit?


    1. It was lovely! Glad we finally got a chance to do it.
      I can't believe how much Turbo has grown, luckily with some adjustments his Mutt Muffs still fit! I'm hoping his growing has slowed down some now :)

  3. Victoria,

    Mary and I like to stroll along the shops at the Washing Street Mall. Dogs are welcome and it makes for a great place to train for the interaction it provides. Mary said the shops are very nice too. :)

    As far as hotels it's a toss up. We like the B&B's but most have the no pet policy. Our most recent stay was at the Grand, not sure about the pet policy but the place was nice.

    Best restaurant we found was the Oyster Bay, great food and service.

    1. Great tips, Gary! Unfortunately, the Washington Street Mall is no longer dog friendly! I came thinking it was, but we were told to leave :(


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