Monday, July 15, 2013

I Can't Wait for Air Fare America!

I'm so excited for the new TV show Air Fare America and super excited to finally share their teaser video (featuring yours truly) with you today!
Air Fare America is a travel and food series in development by Maryland based Armchair Aviatrix, LLC and Washington DC's Interface Media Group. Air Fare flies into small airports around the country to experience what locals and pilots have known for decades; their airports house a treasure trove of food, finds and personalities. From the seaplane bases in Florida, to the "Airport in the Sky" at Santa Catalina Island, to the grass landing strip at Smiley Creek, Idaho, each episode is a flight-seeing journey. Our hosts visit fly-in restaurants and cafes that pilots flock to, look behind the hangar doors for antiques that reveal golden eras in the airports' histories and experience airborne adventures that make each stop a trip. A sizzle reel filmed at Hagerstown Airport earlier this year teases the types of places Air Fare will visit and people they'll meet along the way. The producers are grateful to&nbsp Middle River Aviation, Nick's Airport Inn, the Hagerstown Aviation Museum, Hagerstown Regional Airport and Victoria Neuville Zajko for sharing their stories. To learn more, visit Air Fare America on Facebook or at


  1. Victoria, have the producers found a channel who will carry these episodes? If so, what channel and when do they start airing shows? It looks like a great tool to promote aviation. I can't wait to start watching.

    1. Hi Michael! Great questions! As of right now they are still in the casting stage and have not announced a channel yet. Things are really rolling, though, so stop by for updates soon!


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