Saturday, July 13, 2013

$100 Hamburger/$100 Concert

The destination this Friday was Cincinnati Municipal Airport-Lunken Field (LUK) in Cincinnati, OH for an OAR and Dave Matthews Band concert. Weather was just so so over the mountains and in Frederick, so we departed IFR and hit a few clouds and rain along the way. Once in Ohio, the weather quickly cleared up and we enjoyed some large white puffy clouds off our wings. Before departing, our tower controllers told us to tell those at LUK "hi" as that is where they used to work.

On final we saw the city in the distance and crossed over a river to land. The tower was very helpful with progressive taxi instructions and we soon found ourselves parked at the terminal building for free. The Landmark FBO had a parking fee and fuel was over $7/gal. The terminal has a great historic feel to it and features some interesting artwork on the walls and an airplane hanging from the ceiling. If you exit the building and go to the right, there is an Enterprise office. Inside is the Sky Galley Restaurant. This is a great $100 hamburger stop if you are ever in the area. The shaded outdoor patio is the perfect spot to plane watch and the menu is full of fun eats.

Unfortunately, the Riverbend Music Center was not the perfect place to see a concert. The night was almost ruined by that fact, but luckily Bob and I know how to have a good time regardless. The Sky Galley Restaurant is only three miles down the road from the concert venue, however, due to poor traffic control it took us over an hour to get there, missing most of the OAR portion. In addition, the lawn portion of the amphitheater was added years later as an afterthought and all views of the stage are obstructed. So if you find yourself in the area for a $100 hamburger and a $100 concert, please find another way around the traffic or give yourself enough time. Also, get those pavilion seats before they sell out!

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