Sunday, July 14, 2013

$100 Hamburger and the $100 Hedgehog

Just a few days ago, our hedgehog, Quillson, passed away. Since we were in Ohio for a concert and there was a reputable breeder nearby, we decided to fly over to pick up a new pointy friend. The airport closest to the Millermeade Farm's Critter Connection hedgehog breeder is Williams County Airport (0G6) in Bryan, OH. 

Critter Connection is just a 10 minute drive away through lots of very flat farm land. 0G6 has a courtesy van available and we called ahead to make sure they could hold it for us at the time we'd be arriving. I love farms, as we waited for the hedgehog babies to come out to play with us, we listened to birds in the background, checked out a donkey and heard about the baby bunnies for sale and drooled over their homemade maple syrup.

We wanted a female hog this time so the breeder brought out ones named Tuki (who I picked out from the website) and Danna. Both were super cute and friendly. After playing and chatting for about 20 minutes, though, Danna just tugged at our hearts and would become our new family pet. Critter Connection also has supplies on hand, so we bought her a new carrier (better than the Costco yogurt box we came with) and a better water bottle.

Before we headed back to Frederick we had to get some food in our bellies! So, Critter Connection held Danna for us as we went out for lunch. The destination that was recommended was the Four Seasons Family Restaurant in Holiday City and it did not disappoint. Great Greek food and awesome breakfast-my favorite! It's a great stop if you don't mind borrowing the courtesy car for a 10 minute drive from the airport. They also have a sister restaurant under the same name in Bryan.

When we arrived back at the airport we used their pilot lounge (with huge comfy recliners) to check the weather since the ATIS was busy at FDK. Things were cloudy, but we could depart VFR and pick up an IFR clearance if we had to. It was a hot flight! One of my least favorite as it tends to make you tired. When we weren't occupied with taking photos of the new hog, later named Poka, we took turns flying the plane while the other rested from our busy past two days.

Poka loved the plane! She was happy to just run around and be held by us. The noise did not bug her and she preferred to be in our hands versus buried under her blankets in her carrier. An IFR decent was required through the clouds from 7,500 feet and at 4,000 feet 6nm from Frederick we cancelled IFR and continued in for landing visually. I took the landing and did my best yet in the Glasair, it was a full stall and everything-something we usually don't do in that plane. So, great landing + great new hog = fun flying weekend!


  1. Congratulations! Clearly, Poka is something of a good luck charm with respect to landings. My daughter had the same effect on me as an infant. :-)

  2. Your landing checklist rules. Also, she's way too cute.


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