Saturday, June 22, 2013

You were an inspiration, Jane

I'm sure that now most people in this close knit pilot community have heard about the passing of Jane Wicker. To all who left comments on some of my older blog posts about Jane, I will get those published shortly.

Jane was so encouraging. She always told me I could accomplish and do the amazing things she did. Her love for what she did was contagious, which was evident every time she came as our special guest at Women Fly it Forward.

This was a tough weekend as just yesterday an aircraft I flew many times at my flight school in Michigan crashed, killing four. It was hard getting back in the plane returning home today, thinking of these tragedies. But as I was on final, I tried to shove the TV news videos out of my head and focus on how I want to remember Jane, exactly as she is in this photo. I was fearful and teary eyed as I landed, but I was happy to be PIC and to have the freedom of flight.

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