Friday, June 14, 2013

Flying Update

Update: There has been no flying. Ah and the weather has been perfect for it! Many obligations and rainy weather has got in the way of enjoying the skies. Bob recently had LASIK which put him out of commission for a bit and we found out our little 7 month old Turbo needs surgery.
Looking forward to a possible quick flight this weekend, but we shall see. I did enjoy visiting Lockheed Martin in DC which hosted a general aviation discussion for Young Aviation Professionals. I was one of two special guests.
And so you have it, my obligatory update since I have not written in a week, just so you don't forget about me ;)


  1. Good luck to Bob with his LASIK recovery. I'm so sorry to hear Turbo needs surgery!

  2. Thanks, Chris! Bob is doing (and seeing) great! I'm quite jealous. Turbo should be just fine, but surgery is never fun...or cheap!


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