Sunday, June 23, 2013

Flying the NYC Skyline

It was the first weekend of summer and Bob and I decided it was time to take our pup, Turbo, for his first visit to the beach! We chose a dog friendly spot in New Jersey, but decided to take a detour 23 NM and fly the Hudson River corridor for an aerial view of New York City.

There are two options to view the skyline. The first is "transient" for just flying straight through on your way to another destination. You will be below Class B airspace and have to ask for clearance on one of two frequencies depending on your direction. You will fly between 1,000 and 1,299 feet straight through.

Next, is the local operations, perfect for if you are going through NYC for taking photos and want to get a great shot of Lady Liberty! Flights are done below 1,000' MSL and there are mandatory reporting points along the way for both areas of operations. It is very busy through this corridor, so it is important to keep your situational awareness and always be on the look out for other traffic.  We had a game plan while flying through this corridor: Bob flew, I took (lots!) of photos, and Turbo slept.

There are a few other rules other than I have mentioned here so I recommend prepping before flying through and take a handy kneeboard printout of the New York Class B Airspace Hudson River and  East River Exclusion Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) with you in the cockpit

We started our flight southbound with a few circles around the Statue of Liberty. Next we continued south over the river and through the city. Once reaching the last reporting point, we did a 180 and headed north again. We ended with another circle around the statue, then departed the area to head to the beach.

While our senses were heightened, it was quite a fun experience and seeing all the tour helicopters and banner airplanes around us. It's funny how such a compact city can look so small from a distance but when you are a plane at building level, you are the one who starts to feel little. 

To view more photos from this flight, visit here.
Check out the video below! Yes, we need to get a GoPro. :)


  1. Love the shot of The Lady! Not sure when you flew through, but Saturday night, my family and I were on the Intrepid watching the VFR traffic cruising through the corridor.

    1. Oh man, we missed you! We went through Saturday morning!

  2. Beautiful photos! Flying the NYC corridor is definitely on my aviation bucket list. Have done the awesome flight past Chicago twice now... there's just something about wings-level with the top of the skyscrapers that's hard to beat.


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