Monday, June 24, 2013

Fly-to Doggie Beach in NJ

The first weekend of summer called for sun, the ocean, and puppy paws in the sand! After a scenic trip through the Hudson River Corridor of New York City we landed at KBLM, Manmouth Executive Airport in Farmingdale, NJ. While a bit dated, the airport was busy with skydivers and many aircraft, including jets, coming to visit the shore. We landed on the 7,000' runway and went in search of the FBO. Just look for the big 66 sign at the end of runway 14. We were quickly greeted by a lineman and went in to fetch our rental car.

I was astonished by how difficult it is to find a dog friendly beach on the East Coast! We also wanted to visit a new area, so opted for Fishermans Cove Conservation Area which was also known as "Dog Beach", just 20 minutes from BLM. The beach was on an inlet and less crowded than the Jersey Shore. While not as nice of a beach as the ones dogs are not allowed on, it was full of people just happy to spend the day with their beloved pet in the sun. Turbo enjoyed rolling in the sand and did OK with walking in the water. Once he got deeper and the waves hit him, however, he was not so sure! It turns out he's a natural born swimmer, although his favorite direction was heading right back to the dry sand! Boy did he love to roll in that sand and get buried in it, too!

There were two great spots we hit for our meals, the Riverside Cafe was just down from Dog Beach and had outdoor seating and a menu of burgers, hot dogs, BBQ and my favorite, breakfast! There's a great view across the road of an inlet and boats going by. Turbo enjoyed the shade under the umbrella and grabbing some water now and then from the bowl a employee brought out to us. Order at the counter and they will holler your name when your food is ready. Inside the restaurant, there's a mark showing how high the water from Hurricane Sandy got up to. The city seems to be really healing quick. Most houses have already been repaired and countless others were in the final reconstruction stages. Only a few lay abandoned and untouched. 

For dinner, we stopped by Union Landing by some boat docks and enjoyed amazing food and a great live band on the patio. Dogs are no longer allowed on the patio, but you can just grab a seat along the outside of the patio and tie them up along the fencing. 

The flight home was bittersweet as I had discovered about the passing of Jane Wicker. However looking back at the day in awe of the city, smiling at a puppy in the sand, and precious moments spent with my husband, I remembered how amazing the gift of flight really is.

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