Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Flight with my Parents

In the Spring of 2001, I had completed private pilot ground school and was taking my first discovery flight. I had always been encouraged to become a pilot by my Dad and he had helped get me to this point. He sat in the backseat and documented the flight, including the steep climb out that made his stomach turn!

10 years later, I am an commercial and instrument pilot and have several aviation events and publications under my belt. 10 years later, my Dad had yet to fly with me again. Same with my Mom! When they came to visit for Father's Day, we quickly changed that! 

I was feeling a bit under the weather and we were short for time, so flew out to circle over my house, with Bob waving from the deck. I let my Dad take the controls as I took some photos (just FYI, he's enjoying himself, he just doesn't like to show it) then headed back in to land. My first pattern wasn't so great, so we decided to do another landing after the first. Both were smooth as butter, a great way to show off to my Dad on Father's Day!

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