Thursday, May 23, 2013

Leaning In in Aviation - Helping Others Take Off

In my two part blog post about Leaning In in Aviation I had mentioned that a reader, Colin, suggested I submit my story to If you haven't read these posts yet, please do. I am usually not very self promoting when it comes to what I write, however I found those posts very important. I talk about a lot of work promoting aviation to women on here and I think the posts explain why it's needed in the aviation industry and other male dominated fields.
I hope my story resonates with some as others on the website have for me. I hope it inspires other women to Lean In and reach their full potential in the working world.

The tagline on my story is: "A pilot finds that helping other women take off is better than flying herself." Do you think that is possible? Read on and let my story convince you!


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