Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm back on the Stuck Mic AvCast - Listen to SMAC048

Today’s show marks the triumphant return of our beloved and sassy Victoria Zajko as she fills us in on all the exciting news from her absence including the amazing statistics from 2013′s Women of Aviation Week Worldwide events. Rick’s recent flight with a CFI conducting simulated engine out procedures invokes an interesting conversation about pitching down when it may seem completely counterintuitive. And Carl wraps it up with a story and explanation about his first autolanding in the Airbus A320 on an ILS during 1,400 RVR. All that and more coming up right now!


  1. In Homer Simpsonesque fashion: "heh, heh, heh...sassy" :-)

    Welcome back. I've been getting caught up on old episodes and last night listened to the interview with your grandfather. That was really cool! My grandmother's brother was an engineer on the Redstone program, but he lived in Huntsville, AL and, unfortunately, I never met him.

  2. Thanks for listening, Chris! The episode with my grandfather is pretty much one of my favorites. It's amazing what went on during the space race, isn't it?

    1. It is amazing. It is the best example (that I can think of right now) of the incredible things we can do as a nation if we put our minds to it. And to have been directly involved? That must have been incredible.

      Also, FYI, the owner of my airport sent out a "shameless plug" to all the tenants today about AIR. It seems that he's a very satisfied customer. Thought you might like to know!

    2. It's true, Women Of Aviation Week is full of so many positive and inspirational things-I hope you can be involved someday, too! You do know the US Team Leader after all ;)

      So happy to hear about the plug! I'm not saying this just because I work there, but AIR is pretty different from other brokers. We do pride ourselves in our work and providing great customer service!


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