Sunday, May 19, 2013

$100 Hamburger - The Flying Pig

It was my birthday Friday (the big 2-8!), one that I shared with my aunt who had left the world too early recently. It felt somber, but luckily Bob and I decided it was a weekend that we should celebrate with flight and music. We had concert tickets and other fun plans in Atlanta and along the flight path were some opportunities to add another $100 Hamburger to the list.

Shelby-Cleveland County Airport (KEHO) in Shelby, NC was just 20nm off our route and 320nm SW of Frederick. We made it there in about two hours time, ready to eat! We quickly topped of the fuel tank (reasonable at $5.45 a gallon) and went inside to ask about the restaurant. The facilities were great and the gentleman at the FBO couldn't have been nicer. It would be a quick 1/2 mile walk to the restaurant, but he offered the crew car for us. It was a nice and clean Impala and we were sitting down for lunch at The Flying Pig in no time.
Bob is very particular when it comes to his BBQ so when he suggested it get 4 stars on Yelp, you know he thinks it's good. I did, too! It was a fun friendly little place and I loved the flying pig logo and the little pigs they had where you pay when you are all finished. 

With full bellies, we headed back to the airport to continue our journey to Atlanta with a new $100 hamburger and probably a few extra pounds under our belts!

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