Tuesday, May 21, 2013

$100 Hamburger - 57 Alpha Cafe

Ah what a little gem! It's $100 Hamburgers like these that make me feel sorry for non-pilots who may not get to know these little places and amazing people. After leaving from our weekend birthday trip to Atlanta, we did an instrument approach into this friendly airport for food and gas.

A reliever airport for Asheville, NC, Rutherford County Airport's (KFQD) runway sits just beyond a mountain range. After our

The FBO was clean and quiet. When you first walk in the entrance there is white writing of the names of everyone who has visited on the walls. If you are new to the airport and sign the wall, you get 10% off your fuel purchase! There is no self serve fuel, it's by truck only and it's 20 cents cheaper if you pay by cash. The lineman who helped us out was really friendly and fun to talk to. On a table of the FBO was a children's book called What's a Piper Cub which I wish we had more time to flip through. It seemed really cute and was written by a local pilot.

The 57 Alpha Cafe stands just back from the FBO and is very quaint. The owner was a joy to talk to and the only person running the cafe. Menu choices included burgers, sandwiches and Mexican dishes. He said his specialty was Mexican, so we both opted for dishes from that menu. Everything tasted delicious and fresh. I had read on AirNav reviews and a Yelp review about the banana pudding. I could not pass such a dessert up. I think Bob and I argued over the last spoonful, actually, I may have growled at him and taken it all for myself. It was that good.

Be sure to check out all the neat pictures on the walls and try to make it there on a Saturday when the owners band plays. He really does it all! I would love to see this airport on a beautiful VFR weekend day.

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