Wednesday, October 31, 2012

C150 flipped during Sandy

It's a sad sight, here is a C150 based at FDK.  So far, I've only heard of three planes that were tied down were damaged and a bit of damage on some hangars.  We got off pretty easy. My prayers go out to those who weren't as lucky!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy update #7-I'm alive and warm!

While it got scary a few times and some trees did fall in the woods, I was quite a lucky girl during Sandy.  Power only flickered a few times and I had cable and internet until early this morning.  Due to the fear of trees hitting the house, I slept in the living room on the couch since it is pretty central.  I awoke to leaves and branches everywhere, and discovered work had power so I went in to earn that paycheck!  The airport survived as well, so far only looks like three airplanes that were tied down had damage.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy update #6

Tree down! Ugh that's a terrifying sound!

Sandy update #5

I still have power, gusting to 38 :)

Sandy update #4

Sandy is starting to show her face upon the mountain now.  Winds gusting to 25 knots, the worst is yet to come.  I'm "hunkering down" as the news keeps telling me to do.

Sandy update #3

Got to leave work early today for our safety.  Apparently, it's a mess on the roads now.  I've been just fine, I think the mountain is protecting me from the worst of the wind.  As long as the trees don't fall down...

Sandy update #2

Well, hurricane Sandy has turned to head inland.  Just rainy and gusting to 16 here. Not to shabby.  Made it in to work and will get what I can done before it gets too bad!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy update

FDK is 13G17 as I type this. Not bad yet, we'll see what tomorrow brings!

A Sign Hurricane Sandy is Near...

...the pets are sleeping together.

Fall Foilage Flight Fotos

Yes, I spelled photos wrong.  I like having all F's.  Sorry for the delay, but the photos from our recent fall flight to Luray are up.  Check them out here!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Flying Gypsy is on the move!

The Flying Gypsy, Amber, is on the move again!  Presently she is on her way to San Francisco and spending some time with some female pilots.  The next mission? To reach Cincinnati by November 5th!  If you have not read about her yet, Amber is traveling over the country, but only by hitching rides via general aviation.  If you would like to help with this unique goal, please contact Patti at pattiup (at) rochester (dot) rr (dot) com.  We're in a race for time to gather pilots!

Friday, October 26, 2012

FDK Flyouts

Our recent flying excursion of three aircraft to Luray Caverns turned out to be such a hit that I thought it would be best to form a web presence to collaborate on future flying adventures.  Monday afternoon I created the FDK Flyouts Facebook Group.  This group is for organizing flyouts for pilots in their 20's and 30's who are based at or around the Frederick Municipal Airport. Rainy day? No problem, we can hangar chat, too! We will use this page to keep everyone up to date on flying plans, ideas, spare seats, and scheduling changes.  I invite all that are in the area to check it out and join us for some flying fun.  If you are not in the area, I encourage you to start your own.  Everybody is on Facebook these days and best of all, it's free!  Let me know if you create one and I will be more than happy to advertise it here.  Let's keep flying! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

REIL Remarks #3

A new weekly segment of my blog featuring the funny finds in aviation publications!

"Rwy 16-34, large unsealed surface cracks and alligator patches." D74, Delaware

I didn't know there were alligators in Delaware!

"Prairie dog mounds." 1L9, Utah

Ok, not too funny.  But I hear "mounds" and I think "poo".  Don't they usually dig holes, anyway?

Have some to share?  Feel free to send them my way and I will add them to the REIL Remarks archive!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Help Needed from West Coast Pilots!

I came across Amber Nolan's mission quite recently and was immediately hooked.  I quickly got in touch with her to see how I could help and how she could help during Women Of Aviation Week.  Amber is excited about Women Of Aviation Week, but in the meantime needs the assistance from my west coast pilot readers.  Please see the message from her manager below.
Professional Travel Writer, Amber Nolan, The Flying Hitchhiker Gypsy ( and is attempting to build her nationwide pilot network. Amber began sky-hiking around the USA in July and intends to fly with private small plane and jet pilots, touching down in all 50 states. She is promoting general aviation along the way and blogging about her travel adventures. She is on State 12 now and is trying to "hitch" a ride from Portland to the Midwest, arriving in the Cincinnati Ohio area by November 8th...If you are pilot and can help Amber with a ride to that region or if you simply want to add your name to the "pilots helping Amber hitch-a-ride" resource list, please contact Patti Ronsvalle, Flying Gypsy Productions, at pattiup (at) rochester (dot) rr (dot) com or call 585 899 9151. Please let her know from which airport you are based and when you will be flying (and to what location) during the next 6 months...please give your phone and email address as well. We thank all of our great pilots for their support. In addition, Flying Gypsy is searching for national sponsors for the 13 week national travel adventure series in pre-production. Cheers and thanks! The Flying Gypsy 

Flight Award Winner Adding Up the Hours

The trees are changing colors and the elections are coming near, both make for an interesting flight.  Aviation Insurance Resources’ 2012 Women Fly it Forward flight award winner, Toni Michaelson, is quickly adding up hours in her logbook.

While preparing to take off this morning in Frederick (having earlier been given special restrictions as to where we could fly today due to the president being at Camp David), we saw his five helicopters fly right over us as the president makes his way to Florida today. The other photo is us flying a few minutes later outside the restricted air space of DC. These were both pretty awesome sights to see, from the ground and the air.”
Helicopters leaving
Flying outside of DC airspace

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Practice CFI-ing

My friend Matt, who has the other Glasair at FDK mentioned here before, is working on his commercial rating.  Since I had recently been through the process I eagerly joined him in the right seat to help him out.  I haven't formally started training for my CFI yet, but I figure the more I take up opportunities to operate from the right seat, the better off I'll be in the long run.  I'm almost always in the right seat when I fly with Bob these days and helping Matt perfect the commercial maneuvers was just another way I could practice being what I hope to someday be.  

Matt did great, and I offered some tips and tricks as the sun set behind the mountains.  It was interesting to see how different all these maneuvers felt in a Glasair versus a Cessna.  It was surprising to me how slow the maneuvers actually felt.  I thought they would feel a lot more exaggerated in a plane with so much more speed.  I'm guessing, because the Glasair has such more performance than a Cessna and a larger turn radius, that when performed in the slower Cessna the changes are more intense. 

We went through steep turns, chandelles, lazy eights and the steep spiral before it became too dark and hazy to do them well visually.  We came into land doing a simulated engine out and hopped out of the warm plane into a fall chilly night.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Formation to Luray Caverns

We could not have picked a more beautiful day for our planned "flying adventure".  After breakfast at Airways, Kyle with the Rans and his friend Patty, Matt with the Glasair, and Bob and I in the other Glasair headed out to check out the fall foliage and to visit Luray Caverns.  Just under 70NM from FDK, we took just under an hour flying to KLUA, Luray Caverns Airport.  Since the Glasairs were almost twice as fast as the Rans, we used Kyle's plane as our 'pace car' and slowed down, circled around him and practiced some formation so we could all arrive together. 
I have not been to the caverns since the 8th grade so it was a lot of fun to take the one hour tour through the underground maze of stalactites once again.  The people at the airport are pretty friendly and are more than happy to shuttle you for free (there is a tip jar and we also made sure to purchase gas) to the caverns.  Following our tour, they had no problem picking us up once again and dropping us off at an amazing restaurant for lunch, the Artisan's Grill (click here for my Yelp review).  
Before flying home, Patty, who is new to all this aviation stuff, got to have a quick lesson in airplane engines.  A wire had come lose in Matt's Glasair, so we all helped take off the cowling and fix things up before heading back to FDK.  Apparently, everyone else at the airport was ready to leave.  We called it the "mass exodus" as at least six planes were preparing to take off as well.  Our shuttle driver explained that it was one of their busiest weekends in quite awhile. 
For the ride home, I hopped into Matt's plane so we could get some aerial photos of Bob's Glasair.  I didn't realize the problem with this until we later landed back in Frederick, I played Miss Photographer for all these boys and their airplanes yesterday, I didn't get any stick time in!  More pictures coming soon!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

REIL Remarks #2

A new weekly segment of my blog featuring the funny finds in aviation publications!

"Birds invof approach end of rwy 17." BMC, Utah 

They're banned from the rest of the airport?

"Uncontrolled vehicular traffic crosses center field." 33N, Delaware

Cool!  Delaware airports have robots?  But only at the center of the field apparently...

Have some to share?  Feel free to send them my way and I will add them to the REIL Remarks archive!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Women Get Organized

Two and a half years ago, a loose-knit group of female pilot advocates organized a remarkably successful effort to celebrate 100 years of women in aviation. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Mireille Goyer, the driving force behind Women of Aviation Week Worldwide, about the natural evolution of those efforts at AOPA Summit in Palm Springs.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A HalloWeekend Flight

Since age 11 my good friend of 21 years, Rachel, and I have spent summer weekends at Cedar Point.  This amusement park full of record breaking roller coasters are filled with our childhood memories that we filled our significant others in on this weekend.  As life always does, it got away from us and although we had been to Cedar Point several times since, we had not been together since Senior Skip Day in 2003.
Look at us!  Ah so young and with no idea what lay ahead of us our graduate year of high school :)  Several weeks ago, we decided that we must relive these fond memories and would meet up with her and her boyfriend at HalloWeekends at Cedar Point.

It was a very cold fall morning (see previous post) for our departure.  Frederick Airport was covered with frost.  Growing up it was just under a three hour drive from MI, then it became a quick half hour flight.  Yesterday from Frederick it was just over two hours.  The route took us right through Pittsburgh and Cleveland Class B airspace that we were easily cleared through.  We could see for miles until into Ohio where some cloud cover began.
Griffing Sandusky Airport (SKY) is privately owned but open to the public and even has a customs office.  There are two crosswind runways which are very much needed due to the off shore winds.  SKY is the perfect airport to land at when visiting Cedar Point, it's only a quick five minute drive to the park and has a Hertz Rental on site.  We had Rachel and her boyfriend pick us up but stayed at the Knight's Inn just a seven minute walk to the airport.  It was a bit outdated and had two train tracks nearby, but was worth it for the the cheap price and its quick access to the airport.
HalloWeekends is a bit different from your average visit to Cedar Point, it opens up a bit later but is open until midnight on Saturdays and is full of haunted houses and Halloween themed activities.  It was such a busy day, I don't recall waiting in lines that much in my 15+ times going there.  Yes, it has been close to that much!  I remember when tickets were only $17, now they are $59 if you buy at the ticket counter!  Regardless of the waits and some lines later, it was great to see Rachel, meet her boyfriend and enjoy thrilling roller coasters and haunted houses.  The park was closing when we all finally left tired, sore and happy.
We slept in and missed breakfast at the Inn and walked to the airport to find that their dining area was not open.  It would be a several mile hike in either direction for food and there was no crew car so we decided to race home and eat when we arrived back in Frederick.  The wind was about 20 knots and although the windsock was set straight out across the runway.  Once departing, we encountered a lot of wind sheer, our airspeed fluctuated around 30 knots in either direction.  Upon clearing through 3,000 feet it became smoother and we were in between cloud layers the whole way back to Frederick.  We made it home in under two hours with the tailwind.  I made a smooth landing, we checked out a cool helicopter that was getting ready to depart and then sped away for lunch. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012


It's a cold one out East this morning, stay warm fellow pilots!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sectional Chart Gift Bags

I'm a very crafty gal, I like anything that involves gluing or folding.  I crave for things to crochet and for ribbons to curl.  If it involves making something out of anything that can be found in the aisles of Joann's or Michael's, you can count me in.  I am always excited to see my fellow lady pilots at the Ninety-Nines meeting one Thursday out of each month, but I was especially looking forward to this month's meeting because it was craft time!  

After swapping flying stories and enjoying some chili and homemade chocolate chip cookies it was time to make gift bags out of our old sectional charts!  We used some fancy templates ordered from QVC, but I found some great instructions are pretty much the same and for free here.  The only other items you need is double sided tape or glue, a hole punch, some sturdy cardboard for the bottom of the bag and the top folds and some ribbon for the handles.  

Lately I've been wrapping Christmas gifts in sectional charts, but this coming season, I may step it up a notch!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

REIL Remarks #1

A new weekly segment of my blog featuring the funny finds in aviation publications!

"Airport remarks: Unattended ... Debris, trash animal carcasses often found on rwy." 48U, Wyoming

Ew.  If it's unattended, who's removing the animal carcasses and why oh why are they often found on the runway?!

“Otters occupy the lodge and use the entire float. Visitors are welcome when the otters are not there. The otters arrive and depart in 15 minute intervals.” TKL, Alaska

Those are some very prompt otters.

Have some to share?  Feel free to send them my way and I will add them to the REIL Remarks archive!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Florida Firsts

In 1912, the 21 year old Floridian Ruth Law purchased her first aircraft directly from Orville Wright. This would be the beginning of many firsts for her, she would soon become the first woman to make a night flight, the first woman to loop an aircraft, and the first woman authorized to wear a military uniform. Florida was also the home to another record breaking aviatrix, Jacqueline Cochran, the first woman to break the sound barrier, the first to fly a bomber across the Atlantic, and the first woman who to earn a Distinguished Service Medal.

Now it is your turn to have your first! Following the examples of the Floridian aviatrices of the past, to date two Florida events will take place during March 4-10, 2013 for Women Of Aviation Week. On the space coast, in celebration of 50 years of women is space, there will be special tours of the Kennedy Space Center on March 8th. The following day is a Fly it Forward event where non-pilot girls and women will receive free introductory flights.

In Tallahassee, the FL Aviation Center is a newly opened flight school started by two female flight instructors, Lacey and Faith. Immediately responding to the call for more women in the aviation industry they are excited to host their first Fly it Forward event come March. Girl Scout Troops and adult women will receive free flights and pinch hitter courses will be available.

Will these first time flyers become the Ruth Laws and the Jacqueline Cochrans of the future? What "firsts" will these Florida women achieve? We'll have to wait to find out, but it all starts during the 2013, Women Of Aviation Week!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Big News From Women Of Aviation Worldwide!


We are excited to share a great 'secret until now' news with you. 

We are growing stronger in order to bring you more support when you organize events as well as make your efforts more effective over the long term.
Your support and your enthusiasm made this announcement possible. We are so grateful.
We have assembled an amazing administrative team. Your participation makes you an essential part of the action team. Together, we are leading the shift.

Here is the press release of our announcement below.


Vancouver, October 7, 2012 - Since 2010, the Women Of Aviation Worldwide grassroots initiative has brought into focus the lack of female involvement in the air and space industry. 

The flagship program of the group, Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week celebrated during the week of March 8, has enabled more than 5,000 girls and women to discover the joys of flight in small aircraft in 36 countries and on 4 continents while ensuring that outstanding Women Of Aviation, such as Raymonde de Laroche, the first woman to earn a pilot license worldwide, Harriet Quimby, the first woman to fly the English Channel in an airplane, and Hélène Dutrieu, the first woman to fly an aircraft with a passenger onboard and the first woman to pilot a seaplane, be recognized for their amazing contributions to aviation and to the advancement of women. 

The initiative has doubled in size each year since 2010. A massive media campaign taking place during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week and targeting the female population at large has attracted thousands of interested girls and women to airports. 

11 to 13% of all students are females since the mid-1970s. However, the total number of women pilots today is virtually unchanged as compared to 1980, pointing to a far higher rate of failure among female candidates than among male candidates. 

Since 1990, in urban areas of the Western world, working women less than 30 years old are earning higher wages than their male counterparts thanks to their higher college education success rate. Women represent an ever increasing economic force. 

To continue to lead the innovation when it comes to reaching out to the female population and to begin to lead the necessary shift in the industry to better integrate women, the Women Of Aviation Worldwide grassroots group has formerly incorporated as independent, not-for-profit, global consortium of businesses and organizations on September 10, 2012 under the name of Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW) to reflect its enhanced mission. 

While iWOAW will continue to grow its effective and innovative outreach initiative, it will also address the need for research and education to ensure the successful integration of women in the industry.

iWOAW is an inherently international consortium with directors residing in 3 countries and 2 continents and members from across the world. 

Because the lack of women in the industry is not a 'women' problem but instead an industry problem, iWOAW fosters communication between all interested parties, male and female, starting at its board of directors’ level, which features a balanced number of male and female directors.

iWOAW encourages all businesses and organizations seeking the integration of women for economic and innovation reasons to join the consortium and become an actor of the shift.
"While the air and space is a technological leader, it has fallen behind most other industries when it comes to social advancements. It is iWOAW's mission to lead the industry to not only catch up but also surpass other industries in that sector," said Mireille Goyer, Founder of the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide. 

The Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW) is an independent not-for-profit global consortium of businesses and organizations whose mission is to foster diversity in the air and space industry through outreach, education, and advocacy. 

For more information about iWOAW's mission and its many programs, please visit:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Clouds like a Rolling Surf

Toni Michaelson is quickly flying towards her private pilot certificate thanks to the help of Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) during the Women Fly it Forward event in Frederick, MD this March.  Her excitement is contagious as she shares a photo from her most recent flight lesson:

“This is a photo my flight instructor, Brenda, took (I was actually flying the plane) during my 2nd flight lesson in Frederick, Maryland on Monday. After take-off, she had me head west towards the Appalachian Mountains and take the plane up to an altitude of 4500 feet. As we approached the mountains, there was an enormous bank of clouds lined up along the western slope, and we could see the Appalachian Trail at the ridgeline where the clouds stopped. It looked just like the rolling surf of an ocean, extending as far north and south as you could see. What a truly spectacular sight it was, especially since the clouds started to dissipate within 15 minutes of us flying over them. All I can say is that it was an absolutely amazing day to be up in the air!”

AIR is excited to be a part of Women Fly it Forward again in 2013 and looks forward to igniting more passion in future women pilots.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Get the word out about ladies flying!

Last week I announced the 2013 Women Fly it Forward in Frederick.  Social media is a huge help to get the word out about great events and organizations, so please check out and "like" and "follow" us!

How do we keep flying?

Stuck Mic #33 is out and I think this is a must hear for everyone!  Please feel free to send in your comments/tips/suggestions/thoughts/etc!
In this episode of the Stuck Mic AvCast we ended up spending the bulk of our show on a discussion about ways that pilots can stay flying and ways to stay involved in aviation versus quitting altogether. Many factors can play into such a decision to quitting aviation such as time constraints and increasing costs and in this show we share our ideas on how to remain involved including what we hope to be some motivational means to helping you keep up with our favorite lofty hobby.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Free Aviation Magnets!

...but of course there's a catch!  No worries, it's simple!  Just click on the "Click here for the best insurance quotes!" button on your right to ask for a quote for your aircraft or renter's insurance.  I will send you a Stuck Mic AvCast and Aviation Insurance Resources magnets in thanks!  I don't have many left, so get them while you can! Thanks!

I'm sure they'll look way better on your fridge than on my desk!