Friday, March 30, 2012

Flight Training Essay Contest: Tomorrow is the last day!

Tomorrow is the final day to submit your essays for the Frederick Women Fly it Forward essay contests!  Free flight lessons are up for grabs and I guarantee it is an opportunity you do not want to miss out on!  I wish I could apply for it!  Click here for more information! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I LOVE the book Flight to Control-SPECIAL OFFER!

In a recent episode of the Stuck Mic AvCast, we interviewed Author Karlene Petitt about her book Flight For Control, an aviation thriller about airline accidents, conspiracy, and more. 

Now, Karlene has emailed us about a special offer to those who purchase one of her books and we wanted to share this with you today! If you purchase a copy of her book and then leave a comment here on the blog you'll be entered into a drawing to have Karelene as a guest speaking in YOUR TOWN. 

Here's how to enter the drawing - in the comments section below write, “Just purchased “Flight For Control” + (where you bought the book; Amazon or Barnes & Noble, Nook and Kindle versions also available)” – don’t forget to include your name & e-mail! 

Your comment is your entry in the worldwide contest of having Karlene Petitt fly to YOUR TOWN, anywhere in the world for not only a book signing but to speak as a guest at your event! Don't miss this opportunity. Purchase Flight For Control Today!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

$ for Flight Training at KFDK is still up for grabs!

If you knew anyone who flew for the first time at the 2011 or 2012 Frederick Women Fly it Forward event please encourage them to enter the essay contest for FREE money towards flight training!  It ends March 31st!!!  Go to under the "flight award" tab for more information!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Renton, WA Flies it Forward this Saturday!

Flight For Control is a thriller designed to create awareness. Women With Wings is teaching girls to fly! It's the kids who will be the new culture and in charge of change. Couldn't be a better combination.

Karlene Petitt is giving $5 for every book sold at her Fly it forward event,  March 24, 10-3, to the Women With Wings. Empowering young ladies to take to the sky. They will make the difference in our world.... she has 400 books and they're going to try to sell them all! Meet the author. Get an autograph. Have a fun day with your kids.

Join us! BEFA at the Renton Airport:
840 West Perimeter Road / Renton, Washington 98057

Please spread the word. To read more about the event read here:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Essay Contest Ends March 31st!

Time is flying, especially if you took your first flight at the Women Fly it Forward event in 2011 or 2012.  If so, you could qualify to enter an essay contest to win FREE FLIGHT TRAINING!  Do not let this opportunity pass you by!  Check out the Women Fly it Forward webpage for more details under the "Flight Award" tab. 

Did you stop by the Cookie Lee or Rendi displays at the show?  Did you see something you like?  If you place an order from either company by March 24th, 20% of the proceeds will go towards the flight award essay contest!  So get a new bracelet or picture frame for yourself, well helping a future flyer!  When ordering from Cookie Lee, be sure to put "FIF" in the hostess box, and use party ID#906 for Rendi.

So let the words flow and shop away!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Helicopter Discovery Flight

Oh my!  The days have been flying (no pun intended) by so fast I completely forgot to post about my helicopter discovery flight!  Bob had purchased one for me for our anniversary last year and I finally got around to using it.  Just in time, too, because our anniversary is at the end of the month!  I wouldn't mind if he bought me another :)

The timing was perfect.  My parents were in town to help out with Women Fly it Forward, my dad and I decided to take helicopter discovery flights the day after the event.  We went to Advanced Helicopter Concepts at FDK, the discovery flights are only $99, a real steal!  My dad is the reason I got into flying, and we both had the goal of being helicopter pilots (before I started fixed wing training) so it was great to share this with him.

I have heard how frustrating flying helicopters can be for fixed wing pilots and was really nervous that I would be concentrating so hard on being great at the controls that I wouldn't enjoy myself.  In fact, in turned out to be the opposite!  The R22 needs to be handled very lightly, so my experience in the Glasair really helped me out there.  It takes only the lightest touches to make it do what you want.  It was quite scary that you can't make any abrupt movements or let go of the controls.  

For the first 15 minutes we flew around the local practice area at 1,000 feet doing turns and practicing changing altitude.  Next, it was time to head back to the airport to do hovering practice in a box of four tires.  It was quite challenging, as I had expected, but I did much better than I would have thought!  Apparently I did so well that next we went outside of the tires and outlined the box.  It was so fun to go side to side, which you can't do in an airplane!

I was very thankful to take this flight.  I had always wanted to become a helicopter pilot, and had flown in them many times before.  This is the first time, however, that I have been at the controls.  I'm hooked.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Visit to KANP

It was a BEAUTIFUL day on Saturday, so Bob and I knew it was time for a $100 Hamburger!  As it turns out, however, we ended up doing the "$100 Recital".  We had debated flying out to the Chesapeake Bay, and since we had good friends that lived out there we sent them a text asking if they were free to meet for dinner.  It happened to be the day of their son's very first guitar recital, and we would make the perfect surprise guests!

The flight took us through the SFRA and was pretty hazy with a few bumps from time to time.  We made it from FDK to ANP in under 20 minutes.  The runway was short for something as fast as the Glasair and it was funny/scary to see that we would go right into a convenience store if we were to overrun the runway!

We took the scenic route on the drive over to the recital since we had time to spare. Then we enjoyed some chocolate covered pretzels and a strange green punch while listening to kids with many different skill levels perform on the guitar and piano.  Afterwords, it was grilling time!  I don't know which I enjoyed most, the good bison burger or hanging with my new buddy, Spud, the bearded dragon!

We have been so busy, especially with Fly it Forward, that I cannot remember the last time I landed the Glasair, especially at night.  The flight back was even more hazy, but smooth.  We entered the downwind for runway 23 and I completely forgot how fast things can catch up to you in the Glasair.  I mucked up the first approach like no other!  So, we went around, got back in the pattern and the second approach worked like a charm.  The landing was a little harder than preferred, but hey, I just had to knock some of that rust off ;)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fly it Forward Essay Submissions

The submissions are coming in for the flight training essay contests! So exciting to see girls and women ready to continue on their aviation journey after receiving their first flights at Women Fly it Forward!  
If you took your first flight during Women Fly it Forward in Frederick, MD on Saturday, be sure to check out your program and for more information on how you could win some free flight training!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flying, it’s not a 'boy thing'

Flying, it’s not a 'boy thing'  

By Alyssa J. Miller

With a 360-degree view of the airport environment, tower tourists could imagine directing a conga line of general aviation aircraft making 10-mile circuits at Maryland’s Frederick Municipal Airport. Others took control of aircraft for the first time in that conga line.

The field transformed into a hub of activity on March 10 for Women of Aviation Worldwide Week’s Fly it Forward Day with 27 aviators and aviatrixes alike volunteering to take 242 girls and women aloft for free 20-minute flights. The day shattered the previous year’s record of 185.

High-performance aircraft provided flights over scenic Harper’s Ferry, W.Va., to the west while other aircraft departed to the northeast over a patchwork of farmland. Two curious teenagers who flew with a male pilot asked afterward if any women were flying; they were quickly introduced to one of the female flight instructors giving rides that day. 

Word of the event spread throughout the community, attracting every age from toddler to retiree, pairs of mothers and daughters, groups of friends, and Brownie Troop members looking for adventure. It also drew dads, grandfathers, husbands, and brothers, but they remained earth-bound, manning cameras and taking in other festivities. In all, more than 500 people took part in the event, according to organizer Victoria Neuville. The local pilot community and businesses provided royal treatment, including free fixed-wing and helicopter flights, tours of the fully equipped but not-yet-operational air traffic control tower, an aircraft display, flight lesson information packets, free food, and more.

One girl learned for the first time that becoming a pilot was an option for her: She had “told her father that she didn’t think she could become a pilot because ‘it was a boy thing,’” Neuville wrote in her blog shortly after the event. Attendees also learned about many aspects of aviation, including the Air Force flying, air traffic control, hot air balloons, and even wing walking. “Children were in awe as Jane Wicker demonstrated how she gets out of her biplane in flight and proceeds to walk—without harness or wire—out onto the wing of the aircraft,” Neuville wrote. Wicker’s Stearman was a popular part of the aircraft display, as was a hot air balloon basket and burners, and Flying Wild Alaska cast member Sarah Fraher.

Many walked away with an interest in learning to fly. One of the flight schools on the field sold six discovery flights, according to Neuville. Volunteer pilots talked about how some of those they took flying were interested in flight training. David Kenny, the AOPA Foundation’s Air Safety Institute safety database manager, was one such volunteer. He flew 12 people in his Arrow, and by his calculations, if the one teenager who expressed interest in learning to fly follows through, he’ll consider it a good return on investment.

SMAC Ep #20 - Interview with the author of Flight for Control!

I'm a huge fan of Karlene Pettit and even a bigger fan of her book, Flight for Control.  It doesn't matter if you are a fan of aviation or not, this book will suck you in!  So buy it, and listen to our interview all about it on episode 20 of the Stuck Mic AvCast!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Women Fly it Forward Frederick Recap

Although her parents always told her she could do anything she put her mind to, Madeleine, age seven, told her father that she didn’t think she could become a pilot because “it's a boy thing”.  So Madeleine’s family came out to Frederick Municipal Airport for the 2nd annual Women Fly it Forward, an event aimed at introducing women to aviation.  In 2011, 185 women took to the skies at the inaugural event and the word spread like wildfire.  This year, registration had to close due to high demand almost three weeks early and the waiting list reached into the 80s.  At the end of the great event on Saturday, March 10th, a grand total of 242 women received free flights, and more than 500 individuals enjoyed festivities at the airport.

The day started out blustery and cold, causing the tethered hot air balloon rides to be cancelled.  However, this did not stop people from flocking to the airport!  The balloon basket was set up along with the burners and children and adults enjoyed taking their pictures in the basket and watching the burners light throughout the day.  They not only got to pose in the balloon basket, but also with Lancair Columbia aircraft as well!  Headsets were on hand and many people took the chance to look like a pilot.  The remaining aircraft had the common theme - they all were yellow!  A Navy T-34, a Pitts S1 and a Stearman, dubbed Aurora from Jane Wicker Airshows, were also on display.

Children were in awe as wing walker Jane Wicker demonstrated how she exits her biplane in flight and walks- without harness or wire- out onto the wing of the aircraft.  They were amazed to learn that she became a wing walker after reading a wanted ad for the position in a local newspaper.  Jane had no problem sharing her initial fears and excitement about her early years of wing walking.

Sarah Fraher from the Discovery Channel’s Flying Wild Alaska jumped at the opportunity to fly all the way from Alaska to introduce women to aviation.  She had never attended an event like this before and was a huge hit with pilots, present and future.  When Sarah started flying, she didn’t know any women pilots.  Many people lined up to take pictures and asking what it was like to fly in Alaska.  She eagerly spoke about how she became a pilot, encouraged all the women surrounding her to fly, and even asked questions like “have you ever flown a lizard before?” (yes!) and “have you seen Bigfoot in Alaska?” (no). A thirteen year old with the same name has wanted to become a professional pilot since her first flight in a general aviation aircraft over the past summer.  Talking with Sarah Fraher in person and on TV as a successful female pilot encouraged her even more. 

Across the ramp, was a meet and greet with the 1st Helicopter squadron and the 79th Medical Wing of the US Air Force, which flew in with a UH-1 Huey helicopter.  The Maryland State Police also came out to chat with participants next to their Dauphine chopper.  One participant was so ecstatic when they let her lay on the stretcher!

Girls with Wings, the Women’s Soaring Pilot Association, and the Ninety Nines were also represented.

Everyone was welcome to take a free shuttle ride to the opposite side of the airport to tour Frederick Airport’s new state of the art air traffic control tower.  Both shuttles were full for every trip to the tower, allowing for the airport manager to guide 30 people through the tour at a time.

Participants were introduced to the sky on the other side of the airport.  Numerous volunteers helped to beat last year’s record, allowing 242 women to fly.  27 pilots flew 25 planes and one helicopter. 11 ground marshals and 25 volunteers around the airport helped keep everyone safe and the airport organized.

Barbara can’t wait to volunteer next year, “Everyone I meet was so nice and interesting. The people who came for the flights were excited before and even more so after their first flight!”

The Women Fly it Forward inbox is full of praise and excitement for flying.  Judy wrote, “I cannot thank you ENOUGH for the surprise and joy riding in a helicopter (vs. plane for which either was a thrilling thought). The helicopter choice was awesome! I'm still smiling! Thank you so very much for making a very memorable day for this ol’ 70 year old!”

“This has been one of the grandest days of my life,” wrote Sheila.

The day was grand indeed!  Six discovery flights were sold at the local flight school. 

Alyssa is a flight instructor and Martine was her first flight of the day.  Martine was able to take the controls for some time in the left seat and upon disembarking, immediately ran up to the flight school to purchase a logbook to memorialize her first flight.  Her husband arrived at the airport shortly thereafter and the couple now has the aviation bug.

        Participants and volunteers alike are already discussing next year’s event.  Jeff, who has flown for in Fly it Forward both years is excited for what 2013 will bring, “Thanks for allowing me to participate in a TREMENDOUS event. I enjoyed flying the women - Sign me up for next year!”

Volunteers enjoyed a thank you BBQ at the Aviation Insurance Resources hangar following the event.  The winds calmed and a mini airshow was enjoyed by all as several volunteer pilots departed. The big hit was when the hot air balloon, Tailwinds, inflated and Jane Wicker departed, with smoke blazing creating a brilliant line behind the departing balloon.

The event is over, but the excitement has not toned down.  Everyone is eagerly waiting to see who wins the Female Pilot Friendly Airport and Most Dedicated Pilot titles, and essay contests are still up for grabs.

So what happened to little Madeleine, who thought being a pilot was just for the boys?  As her father tucked her into bed after a long day at the airport he asked if she had changed her mind.

“Yes!” she replied

Many thanks to all of the volunteers and sponsors who have helped to make dreams like Madeleine’s come true.  For more pictures of the event, visit here!

AOPA Blog: Women Fly it Forward

Bucket lists, new adventures

March 12, 2012 by Alyssa Miller, AOPA Online Managing Editor 
On March 10, I had the opportunity to fly in my first aviation event geared toward taking as many as possible on their first general aviation flight. Frederick Municipal Airport in Maryland (AOPA’s home base) can get busy, but it’s not often that I see six aircraft waiting to take off. That’s the way it was for much of the day as pilots volunteered to take girls and women aloft in aircraft ranging from Experimentals to helicopters to twins. The effort was part of Women of Aviation Week’s Fly it Forward Day.

Fly it Forward eventMy first passenger was Martine, whose curiosity in airplanes and my piloting credentials kept me on my toes for answers and explanations. I let Martine know that I was a flight instructor before loading her into the left seat. Even though Martine knew many aviation terms, much of the experience was new, including learning that a Cessna 172 is steered on the ground by our feet. With so many people in the traffic pattern, it gave us the perfect opportunity to discuss radio communications and point out aircraft in the sky.

By the time we took off and leveled at 2,500 feet msl, she was ready to try her hand at straight and level. By the time we landed, she was ready to learn to fly! Martine promptly picked up a flight training packet at the flight school on the field, and I gave her a couple of CFI recommendations after I made her first entry in the logbook she had just purchased.

A few hours after the flight Martine had her husband, Bill, come out to the airport. He wants to learn to fly too. Apparently, learning to fly is on their “bucket list,” and they want to accomplish their dream while they still have time to enjoy flying. He had many of the same questions as Martine, which she proudly answered to prove she remembered much of our conversation during flight.

Martine and Bill’s enthusiasm for aviation matched that of two of my other passengers that day–Brownie Troop girls young enough to be their grandchildren. Each of the girls shared bonding time with her mom while looking over the patchwork farmland below. They were equally thrilled when their moms got to “drive” in the air. One girl was so excited she just started giggling after takeoff. (That’s such a precious sound to hear coming through the intercom!)

I hope the new adventure for these girls will leave a lasting impression and inspire them to learn to fly. And, I hope Martine and Bill get “pilot certificate” checked off their bucket list so they can travel together by GA.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Frederick's Fly it Forward count is in!!!

242 women who have never been in small aircraft before were introduced to aviation through free flights on Saturday!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fly it Forward News Report

Check out the video HERE.

FREDERICK, MD - Have you ever thought about becoming a pilot? Or how about walking along the wings of a plane in flight? These women have made a career of it.

Sarah Fraher, a pilot in Era Alaska, says that she "flew down here all the way from Alaska, because (she's) never heard of an event just for young women."

About six out of 100 pilots are female. In honor of aviation week the Frederick Municipal Airport is working to change that by exposing girls of all ages to the career opportunities in flight.

"When I started flying, I didn't know any women pilots," remarked Sarah.

Sarah is a pilot featured in Discovery Channel's show, "Flying Wild Alaska," and says this is a great event to broaden young girls' career sights.

Sarah said, "it's always a shocker to people when I hop out of the plane instead of a guy. I always have the kids saying, 'you're the driver?'"   

But even more people can't believe what pilot and wing-walker, Jane Wicker, does for a living.

"The airplane takes off and you climb out, and you climb along the wing of the airplane while it's in flight, right in front of the crowd," said Jane.

Jane says she's one of the few wing-walkers in the world who doesn't use a safety line for the entire flight: "we flip the airplane upside-down and i'm sitting on the bottom of the wing."

An organization called "Pilots 'N Paws" was also represented. Pilots will transport rescued dogs from high-kill shelters via airplane.

Jane stated, "don't let anything stop you--if somebody says 'don't do it,' then just find a way to do it. There's always a way, even if you think there's a lot of hurdles."

Pilots here gave more than 230 girls a free flight. The hope is that those girls will now spread their own wings and fly.

Fly it Forward - Lofty Pursuits

Lofty pursuits
Frederick airport event draws hundreds for first flights in small aircraft

Originally published March 11, 2012

By Nicholas C. Stern

Lofty pursuits

Photo by Graham Cullen

Goran Naydenor, 2, sits at the controls of a 1969 UH-1N Bell “Huey” helicopter during the Fly It Forward event held Saturday at Frederick Municipal Airport.

Anna Paulsen has wanted to learn to fly since she was a child.When she was younger, she pondered entering the U.S. Coast Guard to train as a pilot. But she got married and started a family.
On Saturday, Paulsen's 26th birthday, a quick jaunt in a small passenger plane over Frederick helped rekindle her dream of one day earning her pilot's license.

"This is more powerful, it feels more exciting," she said, comparing her experience Saturday with flying in a commercial plane.

Paulsen was among the 250 women and girls who signed up to take their first trip in a general aviation aircraft at Frederick Municipal Airport as part of Fly It Forward, a worldwide event to introduce women to aviation.

Fly It Forward is held during Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, which commemorates the week in 1910 when the first female pilot, Raymonde de la Roche, received her pilot's certificate, said Victoria Neuville, organizer of the local event and a pilot herself.

Last year, pilots volunteering for Fly It Forward in Frederick provided 185 women with their first small plane ride, earning the airport the title "Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport in the World."
This year's event was so popular, Neuville said, that additional slots for rides filled up by January and about 70 people were on a waiting list.

Tethered hot air balloon flights were also on Saturday's agenda, but gusty winds forced those pilots to cancel, Neuville said. Instead, children and adults hopped in or inspected the cockpits of helicopters and small aircraft on display on the tarmac.

Would-be pilots also penned essays for the event, Neuville said, and the winners received flying lessons as prizes.

Sarah Fraher, an Era Alaska pilot featured on the Discovery Channel's "Flying Wild Alaska," was on hand to chat with fans. She said this was the first event of its kind she has attended dedicated to female pilots.

One of the few female pilots in her neck of the woods on the Bering Sea coast, Fraher said she hoped her meeting with young women in Frederick would show them they can definitely make a career out of being a pilot.

Pat Cooper drove from Timonium to meet and snap a picture with Fraher.

After three years of training, Cooper said, she earned her pilot's license in 2000 and an instrument rating in 2002.

"It's definitely a man's world," she said of piloting planes.

But her husband and all her instructors have happily nurtured her progress, she said.

When asked what advice she would give young women interested in becoming pilots, she said to try flying in a small plane just once.

"If you really, really like it, you'll get hooked," Cooper said. "It's the adventure of a lifetime. It really is."

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Fly it Forward NOTAM

Oh look! Why would there be a NOTAM out for Frederick Airport on Saturday? :)
FDK 03/003 FDK (O) HIGH VOLUME TRAFFIC/FLY IN WEF 1203101500-1203101900

AVweb talks about Fly it Forward!

A Week To Celebrate Aviation's Women

Over the years, various events to recognize women's contributions to aviation have been held in March to coincide with Women's History Month, and this year, many events are scheduled for this week, in honor of International Women's Day on Thursday. A group based in Canada has organized Women of Aviation Week Worldwide to encourage pilots to introduce women to aviation. This Saturday, pilots can participate by taking a woman or girl for her first flight, or by taking part in an airport open house or fly-in event. In Europe on Saturday, volunteer pilots will fly across the English Channel to celebrate the centennial of the first crossing by a female pilot, Harriet Quimby, in 1912. Many more events are planned around the world and throughout the month.

One of the main fly-in events is scheduled for the Frederick, Md., airport, this Saturday. Last year, Frederick set the record for giving the most intro flights to women and girls. The free flights are already booked (though there is a waiting list), but there are plenty of events on the field for everyone, including tours of the tower, flight simulators, and lots of booths, speakers, and food. About 100 airports around the world will be hosting flights on Saturday. Many aviation museums also are hosting special exhibits. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum will host a "Women in Aviation and Space" family day on March 24 at the Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Va., and on March 28, curator Valerie Neal will give a talk about female space shuttle commanders. In New York, the 99s are hosting a tribute to aviation's legendary women at the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island this Sunday.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just 3 days until Fly it Forward in Frederick!

Many people say that women aren't interested in aviation, when in fact over 250 girls and women who have never been in small planes before are signed up for free flights on Saturday, March 10th at Frederick Municipal Airport.  Registration had to close almost three weeks before the event and over 60 ladies are eager to get off the waiting list and into the sky!
In honor of Women of Aviation Week- celebrating when Raymonde de Laroche of France became the first woman to earn a pilot license- Frederick Municipal Airport is hosting Women Fly it Forward, an event aimed at introducing non-pilot women to aviation.  Today, 102 years later, only 6% of the 600,000 active pilots in the United States are women, a decrease from just fifteen years ago.  In response, female pilots from around the world are organizing local events during the second week in March to introduce other women to aviation.   Frederick’s Women Fly It Forward is currently the only event in the area to be offering free flights. 

Even though registration for flights is closed, there is a lot to for both men and women of all ages!

  • FREE tethered hot air balloon flights for all from 10:30am-12:30pm from Tailwinds Over Frederick
  • FREE snacks
  • Era Alaska pilot, Sarah Fraher from the Discovery Channel's Flying Wild Alaska
  • Wing walker and aerobatic pilot Jane Wicker and her Stearman, Aurora
  • USAF 1st Helicopter Squadron with a female flight crew and a UH1 Huey Helicopter
  • The USAF 79th Medical Wing
  • Tour Frederick's new control tower and get one of the best views of the event
  • Flight Simulator
  • Essay contests and flight prizes
  • Local booths and vendors

Last year the Women Fly it Forward event in Frederick earned the title of “The Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport in the World” will they keep it for the second year running?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Women of Aviation Week!


"I was annoyed from the start by the attitude of doubt by the spectators that I would never really make the flight. This attitude made me more determined than ever to succeed," said Harriet Quimby before taking off for France.

Doubts that women are interested in aviation, doubts that women can fly, doubts that women can work together... these doubts are constantly aimed at girls and women and they are impending our success in our communities and at our airports.

Over the last two years, the Women Of Aviation Worldwide have proven that:

  • Women ARE interested in aviation with hundreds of them rushing to the airport during Women Of Aviation Week when they are told that they welcomed
  • Women DO fly as so many women pilots take girls and women up for a flight and lead by example
  • Women from all walks of life CAN work together towards a common goal, as events led by women are set to take place in many countries during the 2012 Women Of Aviation Week
On March 10, 2012, individuals and organizers alike are planning a worldwide show of unity. Pilots around the world will introduce girls and women at their airport to join the many planned events.  

We expect flights to take place at 100 airports or more to mark 100 years since the crossing of the English Channel by Harriet Quimby and the first flight in a seaplane with a woman at the controls, Helene Dutrieu.
Over the English Channel, aircraft with girls and women onboard are expected to stream non-stop for more than one hour to form a virtual bridge between France and England as a salute to Harriet's crossing. In fact, the response was so strong that the airports will be at full capacity and NOTAMS are issued.

At the Frederick Airport, the enthusiasm among the public was so high that registrations were closed 3 weeks prior to the event. In Texas, Calhoun Air Center, is taking over two airports, Port Lavaca and Victoria, to defend their titles. 

Expecting a high of -15°C (5°F), Yellowknife in Canada's Northwest Territories, has planned airline and military displays and is aiming to introduce up to 500 girls to the fun of flying. Meanwhile, Petersborough, ON, CANADA, is readying for a 2-day event.

Many more events are planned and each is bound to a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Even if you can't attend an event, you can still be a part of it. Some of the events will be streaming live video online at You can receive a notification when any of the programs begin by the selecting the channel of interest and then clicking on "Join the Crowd".

We plan to stream the flight across the English Channel of Esther, our video contest winner, so that everyone can be part of that historical flight.

Good competitions always include a luck element. The March weather is our wild card.
So be prepared to make all the girls and women present enter the writing or art contests should the weather get in the way. The price is a flight lesson and each participant qualifies for the "First-to-Solo" challenge $500 USD prize. All entries must be submitted before March 14, 2012.


Any flight to introduce a girl or a woman during Women Of Aviation Week is great and makes a difference! However, it won't officially count unless you report it before March 14, 2012, for individual flights and March or March 17, 2012 for an event.


Thanks to our many sponsors, we have many amazing prizes up for grab. Who will win? The answer will be published on April 4, 2012 and so will be, the winners of the various titles.
Hours away from the official beginning of Women Of Aviation Worldwide, let our aircraft engines roar and create a beautiful one-week symphony.

Happy Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week!
Mireille Goyer
Intl Team Leader

The $100 Hamburger that Wasn't

I haven't flown since December, so although I was hesitant because of all the Fly it Forward work ahead of me, I was happy to fly to a $100 Hamburger with Bob.  We wanted something quick and close, and Emma's Restaurant at KCBE, was just 64nm away.  The wind was dying down and there was just light turbulence over the mountains.  Our flight was into the sun and it was beautiful to see it set.  Unfortunately, upon arrival, we learned that Emma's had been closed since October, but they had hopes to open it again  come summer.  There weren't many places to eat nearby, save fast food places, so we headed back to KFDK.  Although the flight was a slight disappointment, it was nice to get in the air again.  I have been so focused on getting other women to fly lately, that I hadn't allowed time for me to do it myself!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

An extra participant at Fly it Forward...

Today, although registration is closed for Women Fly it Forward, I just had to squeeze one more participant in due to the note she left.  A lady's husband is working on his private pilot certificate and she has been strongly urging him to give it up and focus on other things.  He learned of the Women Fly it Forward event in Frederick and strongly encouraged her to sign up so that she could understand his passion, and thought that she just may develop her own passion for aviation in turn.  I'm excited to give her this opportunity and to see where it may lead this couple.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 10th Proclaimed Women Fly it Forward Weekend in Frederick, MD!

Tonight I, along with my fellow Sugarloaf Ninety-Nines, received a proclamation from the City of Frederick declaring the weekend of March 10th "Women Fly it Forward Weekend".  Thanks to the City of Frederick for this honor and your support of this great event!  Just 10 more days, time is flying to the big day!  Will we make history again?

Episode #19 of Stuck Mic is Out!

If you get tired of just reading what I have to say, below you can listen to what I have to say (oh and 3 other dudes).  How lucky are you? ;)

This is Episode 19 of the Stuck Mic AvCast, an aviation podcast about Learning To Fly, Living to Fly, and Loving to Fly! Today’s show is all about Personal Pilot Limitations, Flying With A CFI, First Impressions of the Cirrus SR22, Single Pilot Resource Management, Red Tails the Movie, and more!