Monday, February 28, 2011

The Climbing Numbers

As of 7 pm tonight these are the numbers registered for Women Fly it Forward

We have 25 pilots eagerly awaiting to introduce many to aviation!
If we have all airplanes in the sky at once, we would have 49 ladies in the air every 1/2 hour!
We have planes made by 10 different companies! To include:
1 Glasair, 2 Cirrus (SR20 & SR22 GTS), 9 Cessnas (140, 170, 5 172s, 180 & 182),
1 Decathalon, 1 RV6, 1 Diamond,
5 Pipers (Archer, Cherokee Six, Arrow, Saratoga & PiperSport),
1 Mooney, 1 Allegro, 1 Aircam & 1 R44 helicopter!
Who will be the passengers?  132 excited women!
Who will help out?  30 amazing volunteers and 7 inspiring presenters!

The countdown has begun!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

AOPA Training & Safety: Opening skies to women

Opening skies to women

To celebrate Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, March 7 through 13, the aviation community will showcase its female members and welcome newcomers with first flights, contests, and more. 

“The women of the past cracked the doors open; we intend to open them wide,” said international organizer Mireille Goyer. There are fewer women flying today—approximately 35,000, including those with student pilot certificates—than there were 15 years ago in spite of the fact that the number of women living in the United States has increased 30 percent during the same period, she said. 

The initiative stems from the observation that there is currently very little industry effort to market flying to potential female customers, and the industry’s image is not women-friendly, she said.

It is also a continuation of the Fly It Forward campaign created to celebrate the 2010 Centennial of Women Pilots, Goyer said. That yearlong event culminated in more than 1,600 introductory flights for women conducted in 26 countries.

Pilots, flight schools, and others that register on the website can qualify for prizes and recognition for categories such as Most Unusual Introductory Flight, Most Supportive Male Flight Instructor, and Most Dedicated Female Pilot. 

AOPA is a sponsor of the event and has provided funding for the trophies as well as three cash prizes through a random drawing opened to pilots who introduce five or more girls or women to aviation during Women of Aviation Worldwide Week. The first woman to solo after taking her first flight during the week will receive a watch from AOPA, as will the winners of the Most Dedicated Woman Pilot Worldwide and the Most Supportive Male Pilot Worldwide awards.

AOPA’s home airport, Frederick Municipal Airport, will host first flights, guest speakers, and other events on March 12. Organizer Victoria Neuville said she hopes 300 women and girls will come to the airport to take flights. To register for a flight, see the website. Volunteers are needed to take passengers for rides and assist with ground operations; contact Neuville by email.

Friday, February 25, 2011

WFIF in AOPA ePilot!

No wonder I got bombarded with 13 emails about the event first thing this morning!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Female Pilot Needed!

I need to hunt down a female pilot near Brigham City, Utah.   If you know of someone, please let me know!  Read why here.  Thanks!

A Mardi Gras Ball

March is Women History month and since I've been promoting women in aviation a lot lately I thought I'd take a moment to promote and tell you about a great benefit that the Frederick Woman's Civic Club is putting on:
The Frederick Woman's Civic Club, Inc. is preparing for an exciting 50th Mardi Gras Ball. This year's MARDI GRAS theme is "50 YEARS OF FABULOUS FUN!" The event will Benefit Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Frederick and the Frederick Woman's Civic Club. An exciting Silent Auction and live Auction of luxury items, such as a 5 Day Cruise to Bermuda, are features added this year, as well as Mardi Gras themed h'ors deurves.

The event will be held at the Holiday Inn on March 5, 2011 starting at 6:30 pm with the Royal Presentation of the Royal Court at 7:30 pm. The Band in the Ballroom will be THE Rock and Roll Relics. And, the popular DJ, Unique Dreams, will be in the Courtyard.

Proceeds from this event will support Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Frederick County, as well as scholarships and the Historic Steiner House at 368 W. Patrick St.

Call 301-663-5875 or email for additional information. 

Tickets are $55 a piece and tables for 10 are an additional $75 each. Visit Facebook at FWCC MARDI GRAS for updates. 

**TICKETS ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR. Visit the web site at here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BBQ after WFIF

There will be a thank you BBQ to all pilots and volunteers at the Aviation Insurance Resources hangar after Women Fly it Forward on March 12th!

Flying Grant Update

As I reported earlier, the Michigan Works board denied me my grant for further training.  It turns out that they denied me due to a paperwork problem!  They stated that my school had listed me as one year of training, however, other paperwork reported 18 months of training.  My school really does want to see me succeed and had no problem in writing a letter to the board explaining the error in the paperwork and that due to my medical condition I would need an extra year to finish training.  Included with this letter was official paperwork from the school stating how long and how much the cost for this program usually is through them.  Since I was already denied, however, this letter can't just be submitted back to the board.  I have started the "informal grievance process" aka taking it to my case worker and now just finished reading a five page packet obviously written by a lawyer in order to start the "formal grievance process" taking my case to the next level up.  Now, I once again wait (rather impatiently) for a return phone call.  

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Overcoming the Fear of Flight

I was contacted by a remarkable women yesterday, Lori Nawyn, who has overcome so many obstacles in her life.  She has one more she is determined to overcome: the fear of flight.  Lori  resides in Utah and is unable to commute to the Women Fly it Forward event in Frederick on March 12th.  I am petitioning my readers to reach out to her if you can or know of someone who can take Lori for an introductory flight and ultimately,  help her overcome her fear of flight and finish her novel about that very topic!  Please read Lori's remarkable story in her own words below:
I'm an emotional and physical abuse survivor. Because of the things that happened to me, for many years I had a very difficult time even driving across town--at one time I could not even leave my own house. I have a wonderful husband (a fire chief) who has been very supportive of me and who has helped me overcome many emotional obstacles, yet I have a long way to go. Growing up I had many dreams, but because of the abuse I suffered I had very slim expectations I could reach them.

One guiding light in my life was my grandfather, H.L., who was one of the first men to enter Yellowstone in the winter via mechanical means. Grandpa himself overcame myriad obstacles and maintained there is no such word as can't. He wanted to become a pilot yet couldn't afford flight school so he invented a plane that flew over the snow: a sno-plane. Here's an article I wrote about him for the magazine Outside Bozeman.
This past couple of years I've pushed myself hard to be able to realize my dreams. I was commissioned by a New York Times bestselling author to illustrate a children's picture book What Are You Thinking? (a book on the power of positive thinking that I needed just as much as the kids I hoped to reach with my illustrations) and I had my first novel published. Those are two dreams that I wasn't quite sure I would ever attain! Buoyed by my success, I decided I wanted to write a novel about an emotionally abused twelve year old named Shelby who wants to become a pilot but who is crippled by fear; in many ways it's the story of my life. Shelby is able to hang on to hope because of stories her grandmother tells her about Amelia Earhart: that anything we can set our minds to do we can do.

Initially the story was more about merely surviving abuse (like me) than actually triumphing over it. Now I've come to the realization that I can't adequately complete my manuscript until I conquer my own fear of flight. I haven't even been on a commercial airliner for over ten years--the birth of my last daughter in 1998 caused me to experience panic attacks and I suffered an extreme fear of heights and flying. I've been working on overcoming my fear of heights by rock climbing and I have made some great strides. I want to find a female
pilot (hopefully one who herself overcame a fear of flying) who can take me up in a plane and teach me some of the basics about flight. I also have a dream of being able to get on a plane and go to California (I'm in Utah). During my research on Amelia, I happened upon the story of Grace McGuire who wants to recreate Amelia's last flight. Grace's Electra is hangared at Gillespie Field in El Cajon. I want so much to be able to go and meet Grace and to see her Electra, Muriel--part of me triumphing over (versus just merely surviving) my fears and challenges as I work to complete my novel.
Please take a moment to visit Lori's blog: and contact her if you can help her take flight!

Friday, February 18, 2011

$100 Hamburger - DeNunzios Italian Chophouse

KLBE - Arnold Palmer Regional Airport
Latrobe, PA
DeNunzios Italian Chophouse

I have another $100 Hamburger review to add to my Yelp List.  That's about the (excellent) food though, here's about the flight:
  • Beautiful sunset on the way to dinner
  • Friendly FBO, clean bathrooms
  • The restaurant is just a short walk across the parking lot from the FBO
  • Arnold Palmer memorabilia is everywhere
  • Moderate chop there and back, especially over the mountains
  • 50 knot winds enroute, gusty conditions while landing (Good job, Bob!)
  • 1 hour flight there, 40 minute flight back - yay tailwinds

TV News Interview on Women Fly it Forward

Click the link below to watch the video:

"Women Fly It Forward" Aims to Increase Number of Female Pilots


FREDERICK, MD - Frederick resident, Victoria Neuville, slid into her first pilot seat at age 16 and now she's hoping to get other women to do the same.

"I think a lot of pilots would say the freedom, you get a whole different perspective on life when you're in the air as well," explained Neuville of her passion for flight.  "You can see your house and all your problems seem as tiny as your house is down there."

Only six-percent of pilots are currently female, which proves that the aviation field is still male dominated, something Neuville wants to change.

"I guess they're encouraged from a young age that mechanical things and mechanical pursuits are not fitting for women, when really some of the best pilots in the world are women," said Robert Zajko, a pilot in the Frederick area.

Neuville hopes to get more women interested in flying through an event she's organized called "Women Fly it Forward," that could land Frederick Municipal Airport with the title of the "Most Female Friendly Airport."
The nationwide contest is held by the organization, Centennial of Women's Pilots.

"We introduce women by giving them free flights, there will also be professionals from aviation there to talk with the girls afterwards so they can know all the different careers or hobbies they can get in to," explained Neuville.

The contest counts the number of women introducted to aviation at select airports and the one with the most is declared the winner.

Neuville believes that through her event the title will be gained as 80 women have signed up so far.

"I was able to do it and I think if I could overcome all the hurdles that I did, any woman can," said Neuville, "But I think because there's less women we don't have the support from other women in aviation, so hopefully we can get the ball rolling and once we get one more female pilot in, we'll get more after that."

Any woman from the community is invited to the event which will take place on March 12, 2011.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Taking Off!

I have been flooded with e-mails the past two days in response to the Frederick News Post article in regards to the Women Fly it Forward event.  I'm now slightly nervous because tomorrow I now have an interview with the local news and I am afraid I won't be able to keep up with even more responses!  It has been a real help, however, not only are participants signing up for their free flights, but I have sponsors, volunteers, presenters and pilots seeking me out now.  It's great that I don't have to hunt down all my "minions" now; they are all coming to me!

My work, Aviation Insurance Resources, is one of the major sponsors of this great event.  Not only are they providing a plane and pilot, but they are paying for the event insurance as well!  I was also contacted by the founder of Powder Puff Pilot, who will be donating some items to give away the day of the event to our participants.  Many thanks to both of these companies!  Others have shown interest in helping me pay for other perks of the event, to include printing costs for fliers and programs as well as the catering.  Thanks to everyone who has contacted me with their support and willingness to provide financial assistance!

I also had the photo shoot with AOPA today, it was a lot of fun!  I love to pose when I'm around airplanes!  I was also told they'd be in need of pilot models for future publications and that they would put me on their call list; I can't wait!  Unfortunately, the article won't be published until after the event, but it is still great exposure for a worthwhile cause and will benefit next year's events I am sure!  The article will actually be printed in  April's AOPA Magazine, which is way more than I expected and now that is one more dream I can check off of my bucket list! 

Things are really taking off (no pun intended), keep visiting for more updates!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Slice of Life - Frederick News Post

Local pilot works to introduce women to aviation
Originally published February 15, 2011
By Ike Wilson
New Post Staff

Local pilot works to introduce women to aviation

Photo by Sam Yu

Victoria Neuville is on a mission to win the title of “Most Female-Pilot-Friendly Airport in the World” for the Frederick Municipal Airport. She’s organizing Women Fly It Forward day from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. March 12 at the airport.

Only 6 percent of 600,000 active U.S. pilots are women. Victoria Neuville is working to increase that number.Neuville said her dream is to inspire new pilots, share the love of aviation and navigate the aviation profession to a promising future.

"My goal is to introduce as many women as possible to the wonders of aviation," the Frederick resident said.
Neuville, an instrument-rated pilot, describes herself as eclectic and passionate, someone who is always dreaming and an avid crocheter.

"I'm a girl who loves to be on a mission, whether it's organizing a fundraiser or seeing how many turtles I can catch in the lake in a day," she said.

A member of the Centennial of Women Pilots, Neuville will join a friendly competition aimed at designating the "Most Female-Pilot-Friendly Airport in the World."

The contest takes place from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. March 12 at Frederick Municipal Airport during Women of Aviation Worldwide Week.

The first woman pilot, Raymonde de Laroche, earned her pilot's license in 1910.

At that time, 3 percent of all pilots were women. Today, 101 years later, 6 percent of all pilots are women, Neuville said.

"We're inviting all nonpilot women -- young and old -- for a free flight to see all the amazing opportunities aviation has to offer," Neuville said.

Sponsored by the Centennial of Women Pilots, the competition logs the number of women who attend the contest. The airport with the largest number of attendees wins the title, which is now held by Oshawa, Canada.

Oshawa, Canada, introduced 262 women to the skies last year for the title but Neuville believes Frederick has the potential to top that number.

"While that number is staggering and could be hard to beat, I believe Frederick has a community that knows how to make a difference," Neuville said.

Laroche said, "Flying is the best possible thing for women, and I need help to introduce women to this best possible experience and in turn, create the world's most-female friendly airport," Neuville said. To accomplish her goal, Neuville is asking local aviation businesses and pilots to donate their time, aircraft, facilities, food or other services to help make the event a success.

The event also needs volunteers and sponsors. Donors will have their names printed in the program.
After their flight, people can explore the Aviation Education Center operated by the Experimental Aircraft Association and talk with successful women in the aviation industry, including a wing walker, aerobatic performer, air traffic controller and United States Air Force pilots.

Love is in the Air

An excerpt from February's Aviatrix Aerogram.

Love is in the Air
Victoria & Bob

If I had not become a pilot I would not have met my wonderful boyfriend of three years. We "met" on a pilot group on MySpace and soon our discussions left the main board and became private messages. We both wanted to go to the Sun n' Fun fly-in in Lakeland, FL and decided, why don't we go together? The problem was, we had never met-he lived in Washington D.C. and I was living in Detroit! We decided to meet before spending five days camping together at an airport and on that first day we knew there would not be a problem. The rest is history.

Our flying adventures have helped me gain 50+ more hours in my logbook and experience a kind of plane that you can’t just go out and rent, a Glasair. Due to our many flying trips I was able to meet my minimum hours for my commercial rating. I am so thankful for that and, although I cannot repay him monetarily, I have vowed to be his beck and call flight instructor once I become a CFI.

I love flying with Bob because it's just about the only time I can fly for fun. It is not a lesson or a flight to fulfill a requirement. Our flights are just us sharing the skies together. We have always drawn attention at fly-ins and landing at various airfields, first due to Bob's Glasair and second to our youth and that we are both pilots. We had been together less than two weeks when a gentleman upon hearing that I was a pilot too said to Bob, "Now she's a keeper!”

Monday, February 14, 2011

An Aviation Senior Project

I was recently contacted by another redheaded aviatrix named Katja who is taking an aviation course at her high school and taking lessons after class hours.  As part of her senior project Katja is surveying the pilot population to learn about the various journeys each has taken.  If you have the time, please help her out by answering the following questions below.  Feel free to message them to me and I will forward them to her or answer in a comment below.  My answers are posted below just to share a bit of my journey with you.

Questions from Katja:
  • When and how did you become interested in aviation?
  • Do you remember your first solo flight? Do you have a solo story?
  • What is it about flying that you love so much?
  • Why do you think that women only make up about 6% of the total pilot population?
  • What would you say to encourage women to take up aviation?
  • Did being a woman in aviation ever provide extra challenges or discourage you in reaching your goal(s)?
  • What certificates and ratings do you currently hold? Do you plan to obtain more?
  • How much did all of your flight training total?
  • Where have you received your flight training?
  • What was the most challenging part of your training?
  • What is the most difficult part of flying?
  • What is your favorite aircraft to fly?
  • Is there any advice, special tricks, or hints regarding training that you would tell a student pilot?
  • If you could go back to any part of your training, what would you go back to and why?
  • Of all of your flight gear, what is your favorite to use? Least favorite?
  • Any crazy flying experience?
  • Anything else you'd like to say?
My answers:
  • When and how did you become interested in aviation?
    • I can't even remember, I was surrounded by it as a child.  Both my grandparents flew as private pilots and so did my father.  My great uncle was a WWII flying Ace and my grandfather played a critical role in the Apollo missions.  Needless to say, due to them my eyes were always towards the sky!
  • Do you remember your first solo flight? Do you have a solo story?
    • Yes, I was terrified!  They are going to make me fly this thing BY MYSELF?!  I remember it all felt so different and after I got over the fact that I was alone, it was exhilarating.  I was so proud to announce to everyone that I had soloed. 
  • What is it about flying that you love so much?
    • It gives me a sense of accomplishment and uniqueness, but most of all flying offers you a perspective that nothing else can.
  • Why do you think that women only make up about 6% of the total pilot population?
    • I have been trying to determine that while putting together this Women Flying Forward event, the thing that I lacked most in my training was support from other women pilots.  I had never met any!  I'm hoping once the female pilot population increases it will keep increasing so new female pilots have the support that I did not.
  • What would you say to encourage women to take up aviation?
    • Go take a flight and see for yourself.  You won't regret it!
  • Did being a woman in aviation ever provide extra challenges or discourage you in reaching your goal(s)?
    • I think men and women communicate differently and since I had mostly male flight instructors it may have slowed my training at times.  But, I think if any women puts her mind to it she can be just as good or better than her male counterparts.  In my mind we are not a weaker sex, w
  • What certificates and ratings do you currently hold? Do you plan to obtain more?
    • I am currently a private pilot with an instrument rating.  I am working on my commercial certificate and hope to add many more such as a helicopter add on, multi engine and some tail wheel and seaplane training.
  • How much did all of your flight training total?
    • Too much lol!  I have put in about $25k so far.  But I had to stop many times which caused me to pay more in reviewing things I had already learned.  Also I went to a "fancy" school with all new planes at first, not realizing that I could train in older, cheaper planes and get the same result!
  • Where have you received your flight training?
    • I started at Pontiac Air Center at Oakland International Airport (KPTK in Waterford, MI) but moved to Tradewinds Aviation since they accepted loans through Sallie Mae.  I completed my private and instrument there.  When they closed I moved to Flight 101 (all at KPTK). Now that I moved to MD I have been training at Frederick Flight Center at KFDK.
  • What was the most challenging part of your training?
    • Consistency in training.  I would stop and go depending on when I had the money.  If I had saved up and did all my training at once it would have been more efficient and cost effective.  My skills wouldn't need to be refined each time I fly again, either. 
  • What is the most difficult part of flying?
    • Keeping current is difficult for me and that is important to be a safe pilot.  Also, paying for it is very difficult.  But if it was easy, it probably wouldn't be worth doing!  Also, sitting on the ground not being able to fly can be difficult to deal with, too :)
  • What is your favorite aircraft to fly?
    • My favorite flight was in a Pitts S2B doing aerobatics.  I'll take anything, though!  I usually fly my company's Cessna 172 or my boyfriends Glasair 1RG.
  • Is there any advice, special tricks, or hints regarding training that you would tell a student pilot?
    • Spend as much time at the airport when possible, even when not training.  Talk to the other pilots around there, they are full of advice and not to mention, fun stories.  Get subscriptions to several aviation magazines, they are full of helpful tips and can help you in your studies.
  • If you could go back to any part of your training, what would you go back to and why?
    • My instrument training, it was the most challenging, but I think that's why I enjoyed it so much.  It gave me great confidence.
  • Of all of your flight gear, what is your favorite to use? Least favorite?
    • My kneeboard was always my favorite thing, just because it helps keep things organized (especially during instrument training) and having a notepad was always handy for when I received complex instructions.  I'd have to say I do not like sectional charts.  Electronic is the way I will go now.
  • Any crazy flying experience?
    • My scariest moment was taking off solo at night to go visit my boyfriend 300 miles away.  When I reached rotation speed, the aircraft suddenly veered to the left and went in the air.  I pulled back the power and landed again for it to veer to the left.  My tire had blown.  I can only imagine if I had continued to fly and what would have happened if I landed at my destination with that blown tire!
  • Anything else you'd like to say?
    • I love that you can take an aviation course in high school, I would have jumped on that opportunity.  This is a great head start for you, take advantage of it! 
So what are you waiting for?  Help a student out, go on, answer! :o)

Women on the Seaplane Forum!

Jason of JJBaker's Aviation/Seaplane Safety blog and head of has developed a new section that I will be maintaining dedicated to the aviatrixes of the world.  Not only will it serve as a great promotional tool for the Women Fly it Forward event, it holds the possibility of getting some great conversation in the works in regards to women in aviation.  Go ahead, check it out and get involved in the newly posted topic, "Why Women?"!

The Wind is Blowin'!

KFDK 142212Z AUTO 29025G37KT 10SM CLR 09/M02
KFDK 142151Z AUTO 28024G37KT 10SM CLR 09/M02
KFDK 142130Z AUTO 28026G42KT 10SM CLR 10/M02
KFDK 142109Z AUTO 29026G36KT 10SM CLR 11/M02

I thought I would keep it on the ground until I became familiar with it, but on account of the wind, I unexpectedly took to the air, and the first thing I knew, I was flying.
~Arthur Pratt Warner, Beloit, Wisconsin. Warner was the first individual in the U.S. to purchase an aeroplane, a Curtiss biplane, that assembled himself. He had only intended to taxi when he made what was Wisconsin's first flight, 4 November 1909. From Great Aviation Quotes

Frederick News Post Article

I'm going to be in the Frederick News Post tomorrow for the "Slice of Life" column! Great promo for Fly it Forward! :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Writing Contest for $100 towards a Flight Lesson

From WomenofAviationWeek

Do you dream of becoming a pilot? Write your way to your first flight lesson!

Describe “Why I Want To Fly” in an  essay or poem (maximum 500 words) in English and if you win the writing contest, Delta Air Lines A330 pilot, author, and blogger, Karlene Petitt will contribute $100 towards your first flight lesson!
So, sharpen your pencils, launch your favorite word processing software, and start writing. You could take your first flight lesson before the end of March 2011.
This contest is opened to girls and women of all ages worldwide.
To participate, you must:
  • Register as a participant in this website (click here to register for free)
  • Write a poem or essay (maximum 500 words) in English describing “Why I Want To Fly”
  • Send us your submission before March 13, 2011, midnight
Legal notice:
By entering this contest, you authorized Karlene Petitt to use your entry in a book. If published, you’ll receive a free, signed copy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

AOPA Article

I had a great time interviewing with Jill Tallman at AOPA today for an article to promote the Women Fly it Forward. I was there because they had heard of the event I am organizing, but I made sure they were made aware of the others great opportunities that are in the works across the nation for the week of March 7-13th.  Sometime next week I will be doing a photo shoot for the article alongside my company plane and my friend, Andrea, who will be attending the event for a FREE FLIGHT on March 12th.  I am so thankful for this article which is a great opportunity to promote the event to the PILOT READERS WHO CAN THEN INVITE THEIR FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND COWORKERS.  Oh, did I do that in all caps, bolded and in red?!  Oopsies! :p Tonight's plans were to try out my new exercise DVD, stay away from the computer and enjoy a good book, however, I am redesigning the webpage for Women Fly it Forward.  I was never impressed with how it looked and now with some help from a programmer friend, a more ideal design is coming together quite nicely.  Be sure to check it out later to see it all fresh and new!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Women Fly it Forward Update

Frederick is starting to buzz with the talk of a free flight for women!  With more ladies and volunteers signing up each day, I think this will be a very successful event.  Today my boss forwarded me the weekly Aircraft Owner news to show that Women Fly it Forward was publicized in the events section and tomorrow I am interviewing with an AOPA writer for a possible article!  The Frederick Chapter 524 of the EAA is donating their time to run their Aviation Education Center during the event to further the education of the ladies new to aviation at the event as well as help me with crowd control. 

Great news! But what am I still in need of?  Keep that advertising coming, we want as many girls as possible.  Since the number of participants are climbing, we'll need pilots, too!  I am also looking for a caterer to provide refreshments in the registration room and someone to donate hot chocolate for an outdoor stand.  Monetary donations would be greatly appreciated as well.  This will go toward signage, fliers and event insurance.  Please contact me if you think you can be of help!  Remember, you can register participants online at!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pray, Cross Fingers or Dance Naked in the Rain...

Below is an excerpt from my 201st post in case you missed it:
We got back from our trip absolutely exhausted and slept like babies, which was surprising after some bad news I received.  I opened the inbox of my old email which I only check every few weeks to see a message from the Michigan Works program that funds my flight training .  The board denied me the grant my case worker told me I would be getting this spring.  So my hopes are (once again) crushed, but my chin will be held high.  My lovely boyfriend who loves to argue, helped me draft a reply email that will hopefully convince the Michigan Works board otherwise.  If not, where there's a will, there's a way and you all know I have tons of will so someday I WILL find a way. (Note: There is a donate button in the tabs up there...hint hint LOL)
Update: My reply email was finally read by my case worker and she is taking it to her supervisor. I ask that whatever your belief that you pray, cross your fingers, dance in the rain or what-not, to send good vibes, luck and blessings my way in this matter.  I believe so deeply in my heart that I am capable of doing this and will  be able to do great things with this.  I believe all this with 100% conviction and I am SO close to my goal!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Volunteers Needed!

Thanks to the 18 amazing pilots (and my three maybes) who are volunteering for the March 12th Fly it Forward event!

There is still a need for more volunteers and you don't have to be a pilot! Message me to help out with registration, refreshments, ground control, etc!
"Volunteer-not so you can build your resume, but so you can build yourself" ~anonymous

Sunday, February 6, 2011

You tell 'em Detroit!

This actually made me miss home. 

First Flight

Nothing will ever equal that moment of exhilaration which filled my whole being when I felt myself flying away from the earth. It was not mere pleasure; it was perfect bliss... 
~Prof. Jacques Alexandre Cesare Charles, first free flight in a manned hydrogen balloon, December 1, 1783.
 As of 9:15 this morning I have 56 non-pilot ladies registered to take their FREE FLIGHT on March 12th!  Will they feel the exhilaration that Prof. Charles spoke of?

My first flight was when I was a newly licensed driver, I had just completed ground school with my father and signed up for my discovery flight.  I was nervous and excited, to make matters worse, my flight instructor was cute AND had a great accent!  That was a combination that proved overwhelming for a teenage girl.  I remember being in awe at the fact that he let me take off all by myself; it proved to be a steep climb in which my father recalls almost loosing his stomach in the back seat.  We did some turns to practice handling the airplane and the instructor commented on how smooth I was at the controls.  "The cute pilot complimented me! Eeek!" I most likely turned a great shade of tomato.  I landed with assistance and ran off the next morning to tell all my classmates how I was going to be a pilot!

What was your first general aviation flight like?  Share in a comment below, give our Fly it Forward participants a look into all the exhilaration they are in for!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

201st post!

I missed the momentous occasion of my 200th post yesterday.  That was a quick blog post just to let you know that I am in fact still alive and didn't fall into any volcanoes in Nicaragua.  So I will salute my 201st post with a sum up of our Nicaragua trip and some other news...

We flew via Spirit airlines, which is something I think I will never do again.  You get what you pay for, I guess.  They nickle and dime you to death for any comfort.  We paid nothing extra, therefore had barely any comfort.  Also, the plane into Managua for our flight home was late, which was going to cause us to miss our connection.  We had left the city of Masaya for the airport at 10:30 pm for our 2am flight, they wanted to put us on a new connection at 1:00pm.  Too much traveling for me as well as 15 other passengers heading back to DC.  We had to fight with them to keep our original boarding passes in the slight chance that we would make the connection. Lucky due to our overnight travel, we got through customs very quickly and just made our connection which was slightly delayed to get home as originally planned.

Nicaragua was an amazing trip, I learned a bit more Spanish and got to see and do some great things!  We started our trip ariving in the capital city of Managua and taking a local bus from there to the Spanish colonial town of Granada.  There we visited cathedrals, explored the colorful town, biked the peninsula, got massages and took a cruise along 365 islands formed by the Volcán Mombacho exploding thousands of years ago.  Next we went to Ometepe Island that was the home to Volcán Conceptíon and Volcán Maderas.  We kayaked in Lake Nicaragua and took a ten hour hike of Volcán Maderas.  It was the steepest and muddiest hike I have ever attempted and it was quite an experience!  We left Ometepe Island two nights later for a day in San Juan del Sur, known for it's pristine and party beaches.  We enjoyed a zipline canopy tour and got a surprise when our sunset cruise turned into an evening of whale watching!  The last city we visited was Masaya, where we stayed on the Laguna de Apoyo.  This lagoon was actually a crater lake kept warm by the Volcán Masaya.  The sand on the floor of the lake was very warm too and got hotter the more you dug your feet into it.  So neat!  We also took a night tour of the volcano, enjoying the sunset over the craters, visiting bat caves and seeing the magma glow in the night. 

We got back from our trip absolutely exhausted and slept like babies, which was surprising after some bad news I received.  I opened the inbox of my old email which I only check every few weeks to see a message from the Michigan Works program that funds my flight training.  The board denied me the grant my case worker told me I would be getting this spring.  So my hopes are (once again) crushed, but my chin will be held high.  My lovely boyfriend who loves to argue, helped me draft a reply email that will hopefully convince the Michigan Works board otherwise.  If not, where there's a will, there's a way and you all know I have tons of will so someday I WILL find a way. (Note: There is a donate button in the tabs up there...hint hint LOL)

Woman Fly it Forward is doing great, people are sharing the news of our event and others in the US all over social media.  I have yet to go through all the RSVPs of participants I received while on vacation.  The days are ticking away and the numbers are getting bigger! 

Check out below for a snapshot of our "S" approach into KFLL and a slide show for just some (although there are a ton in the slideshow!) of our Nicaragua trip.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm back!

What a great trip!!! Wish I had more time, but, now down to business.  I need a vacation from vacation!  Look for some bloggin' soon!