Friday, May 15, 2015

Tailwheel Training & a Whoppyjawed Pattern

It had been two weeks and I have not cursed JJ's name as the sun rose. It was time to break that dry spell. I was cursing his name, still, as I pulled up to FDK at 6:30 this morning. Time had got in the way of instrument recurrence training, but we would not be taking the Cessna up today. A ruby red Decathlon had just come out of annual and was ready to spread it's wings.

Tailwheel training lesson 1 had begun!

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Flying Dog Teaches at Annapolis Libraries

On Saturday, May 9th, Turbo the Flying Dog landed at the Broadneck and Eastport-Annapolis libraries in Annapolis, MD. In case you haven't read already, Turbo is the star of his very own book series. Book one, Turbo the Flying Dog has become an instant hit with the pilot community, telling the tale of a shelter mutt who must reach his new home by airplane. Saturday, children and adults alike were able to hear his story read by the authors and got to meet the stars of the books themselves.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

WW2 Flyover

I had been counting down for weeks and the once in a lifetime experience was finally here, the Arsenal of Democracy flyover over Washington, D.C. From trainers, to fighters, to bombers, vintage warbirds flew over the mall this Friday. I enjoyed the view along with my husband, friends, and thousands of others on a hot and sunny day. It is probably something that I will not be able to witness in my lifetime again and I am blessed to have been able to be there. Enjoy some photos below:

Monday, May 4, 2015

SMAC095 – Live From Sun N Fun 2015

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Welcome to this special edition recorded live from Sun N Fun 2015. Today we have a very special show with some inspirational and interesting guests. Plus a very special guest from the Air Force!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Path to Instrument Currency - Flight 5

Obligatory post flight fuzzy hat selfie
Today was my fifth early morning flight knocking the rust off of my instrument skills. And I can feel that the rust is finally flying! Today will be the last for about a week as my CFI has to attend to his "real job" flying jets around the world. So, chair flying is in order to keep on the up and up!

Today we started with the ILS 27 at Hagerstown, did a touch and go, then went on to the VOR runway 9. When we were on upwind getting ready to prep for the VOR an aircraft with the fun call sign of "Hoagie" was departing behind us. We ended up doing another lap around the pattern (tight pattern with slip in to land) to give him room to take off and beat us past the VOR. To finish off the lesson we tracked the FDK VOR back to Frederick.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Repost: Pups that Fly!

Sharing from my company blog:

Flying out of his home base in New Jersey and headed south is airline transport pilot, Matthew Kiener in his Piper Saratoga. But this is not your ordinary flight, on his way home Matthew will have a special package – dogs!  Matthew is the founder of FlyPups, Inc., an organization that transports at-risk dogs in high kill shelters and matches them up with a rescue or non-kill shelter in the north.  FlyPups has flown thousands of miles rescuing hundreds of puppies and dogs from being euthanized.  FlyPups has recently teamed up with an organization that trains dogs for service to veterans.  Their fist trip brought eight potential service dogs from Florida to Pennsylvania. FlyPups is excited & honored to be in a position to give back to those who have served our country so heroically.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Path to Instrument Currency - Flight 4

Trust. That's the lesson for today. It hit me when we were reviewing the VOR approaches to Westminster and Frederick that we did today. I need to trust what I've learned and trust the approach that I have reviewed. The more I second guess the procedures or what I am supposed to do next, the more likely it is that I will actually miss miss what I should be doing at that moment. It was beautiful day, albeit bumpy and windy. But the conditions were perfect for keeping my brain working and the IFR rust falling off. Now back to work with an aviation high and the lingering smell of avgas.

"Trust, but verify." --Ronald Reagan

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Path to Instrument Currency - Flight 3

Just like yesterday, it was another early morning for me, this time sans pooch. I had not been feeling well and focused on rest rather than studying the approaches I would be doing in the morning. Luckily, instrument flying is all starting to make sense to me again now that I am up and doing them in the air. I was greeted by a beautiful sunrise when I arrived at the airport. It immediately got me in a better mood versus the curse words I was muttering to my tired self on the drive in. I had the plane pulled out and ready when my CFI, JJ, arrived and we took to the skies, departing runway 12 with a sharp turn to the north over runway 23.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

An Early Morning for a Flying Dog

It was an early morning for Turbo and I refreshing our instrument skills! We did a VOR approach at Hagerstown followed by some unusual attitudes and general instrument work. Turbo handled the unusual attitudes like a champ! I myself wasn't such a champ as I have many years of rust to knock off, however, I did way better than I expected and can only build on from today. I'm excited to start the day committing some instrument aviation again! But for now, back to the grind selling aviation insurance. Can I help you with yours? Today, Turbo is assisting me with shopping all the aviation markets to get you the best rate and the broadest policy for your aircraft. He is a talented dog!